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Wardley Trip Weekend Feeder Tropical Fish Food — A Product Evaluate

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Tropical Fish margin:0px !vital;” /> How to buy and feed Wardley weekend feeders
Weekend feeders are sold in packs of 4 seashell-formed blocks, every weighing approximately one-tenth of an ounce. To feed, merely drop a block into your aquarium earlier than you leave. After three days, or upon your return, the additional should be eliminated. Weekend feeders are actually sold on vivid pink playing cards, fairly than the one pictured.

Propylene EquipmentWhat exactly is in Wardley weekend feeders
Basically, a weekend feeder is a block of calcium with granulated fish food blended in. With proper filtration (this is essential for it to work correctly) the calcium slowly dissolves, continually making contemporary food obtainable to the fish. The meals nonetheless encapsulated in the calcium is not going to be in hazard of spoiling, only after the shell around it dissolves is it in hazard of fouling the water.

Nutrition information and ingredients for Wardley weekend feeders
Calcium sulfate, iodized salt, corn starch, floor corn, fish meal, soy flour, corn gluten meal, wheat germ meal, dehydrated alfalfa meal, brewer’s dried yeast, shrimp meal, floor wheat, fish oil, herring meal, choline chloride, betaine, L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate, ethoxyquin (a preservative), vitamin A supplement, vitamin D3 complement, vitamin E supplement, niacin complement, calcium pentothenate, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin supplement, pyridoxine hydrochloride, menadione sodium bisulphate complex, folic acid, biotin, vitamin B12 supplement, ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, copper sulfate, potassium iodate, sodium selenate, cobalt carbonate.

Assured analysis:
Crude Protein……….min 1.1%
Crude Fat…………..min .2%
Crude Fiber…………max 1%
Moisture……………max 19%
Calcium…………….min 19%
Calcium…………….max 22.Eight%
Phosphorous…………min .1%
Salt……………….min 1.5%
Salt……………….max 2.5%

It’s not just for vacation — utilizing Wardley weekend feeders for an invertebrate complement
In addition to being an excellent technique to feed your fish while you’re gone on brief trips, Wardley Weekend Feeders are also a great way to add dissolved calcium into the water. Dissolved calcium and calcium-rich foods are particularly helpful to invertebrates resembling snails, shrimp, and crayfish. I have been utilizing weekend feeders in a dozen of my tanks for Pomacea Bridgesii snails for the previous 12 months, they love it and their shells have proven a marked enchancment.

Please bear in thoughts that Weekend Feeders aren’t meant for on a regular basis use as a sole food regimen to your aquatic creatures. All fish and invertebrates must be fed a diversified weight-reduction plan, and Weekend Feeders shouldn’t have the nutritional worth required for lengthy-time period health of your fish. Weekend Feeders are designed to keep your fish fed while lowering waste whereas you’re not there to attend to tank maintenance. Also, as specified on the bundle, this product have to be utilized in a tank with a filter and aerator to ensure enough water flow to properly dissolve the block.

Don’t want extra calcium within the tank Strive the gel weekend feeder from Tetra
Sound good This is the alternative that does not add calcium
Tetra 77151 5 able new energy Day Gel Fish FeederIf you’ve got arduous water or don’t need further calcium in your water, strive the gel weekend feeder as an alternative. This feeder lasts just a little longer than the Wardley weekend blocks, and holds the same flake meals that your fish are already used to consuming as a substitute of unfamiliar pellets.

Purchase Now Experiences and opinions from utilizing Wardley weekend feeders
I’ve used weekend feeders for a dietary complement for my snails, in addition to an “away meals” for guppies, platies, mollies, endlers, and different such small group fish. For these they’ve worked very properly. For bigger tanks and mid-dimension fish comparable to gouramis and large tetras I might advocate Wardley Vacation Feeders; they’re the same factor as weekend feeders, solely larger and bought in packages of two and are alleged to final 10 days for the same amount of fish as is specified for the able new energy weekend feeders.

As specified on the package, for proper function of this product the tank must be 72 degrees or warmer with a pH of 6.8 to 7.2 and will not dissolve properly in highly alkaline water. Although the product is specified for use with goldfish, the temerature specification may not make it an ideal product for goldfish since they’re a chilly water fish and choose temperatures around 65 levels. The pH specification makes the product inappropriate for a higher pH or for an especially low pH…however, most of those points don’t apply to the amateur aquarist as a quantity of people, in the event that they even know what their pH is or hassle to regulate it, use products such as Bullseye which places the pH at 7.0. This will or might not be very best in your fish, but it is the safest to go together with if you haven’t researched your particular pet’s necessities. If you do not know what your pH is or ought to be, able new energy however, it is very important tank well being to search out out.

Weekend Feeders usually are not appropriate for bigger predatory fish resembling oscars, pacus, or many cichlids as they not only is not going to provide sufficient food, however can also be the wrong type of food. You probably have a majority of these fish your best guess can be to have someone check up on your fish every different day to feed them till your return.

I’ve by no means had problems with Weekend Feeders fouling up my water, and as long as instructions are followed about elimination of leftovers you should not have any issues either.

So, are Wardley weekend feeders value buying
Wardley Weekend Feeders are an excellent, no-hassle way to feed your smaller omnivorous aquarium fish. It is usually a alternative product for amateurs and a few professionals alike for its ease of feeding and cleanup. They also make an excellent dietary complement for a lot of invertebrates that depend on calcium for the well being of their shells, exoskeletons, or chitin plates. For extra or slightly larger fish I’d recommend Vacation Feeders, additionally by Wardley.

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