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Our Service Department affords Factory Cerified technicians, providing service 24 hours a day, 7 days a Petroleum Production Device week. Technicians are trained and stock components to install and repair all of at present’s latest gear in the petroleum market. Devoted to customer service, our workplace employees and our technicians understand that down time costs the client cash.

Glycerin Refining EquipmentOur Installation Division, well known in the field, can design, build, and service all of your petroleum needs from gasoline depots, convenience stores to bulk plants.

Our Sales Division is a full service petroleum equipment distributor representing most of the main petroleum equipment manufacturers. Listed here are just a few..

APS, Containment Options, EBW, FE Petro, Graco, Griswold, Husky, INCON, Junge, Legend Valves, LSI, Moorman Manufacturing, OPW, Riverside Steel, Robert Shaw, Samson, Sentinel Buildings, Total Management Meters, Tuthill, Viking OEM, Wayne ASC, XERXES

Our Manufacturing Division has developed state of the art petroleum equipment for bulk plants, gas trucks, fuel depots, and convenience stores. Listed here are just some..

The Additive Injection Methods are designed to be a reliable and accurate system to inject any additive into the primary fuel movement. The Additive Injector is constructed with a Intelligent Twin Processor Controller. The system is also designed to facilitate both new and retrofitted items. By offering extensive customizations, we produce the perfect resolution for each buyer. Patent-oriented sieve tray Bulk Plant Additive Injector and Truck Additive Injector

The Gas Line Repressurizer will increase your profits by eliminating the downtime related to gradual-circulation issues in cold weather. By maintaining the pressure within the gasoline line, even when the merchandise are rarely used, the mechanical leak detectors are prevented from causing false alarms. How much has it price you by having the false alarms?

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