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U.S. Strategy Assessment Of Afghan Mission Should Go beyond A Troop Surge

In practically a decade, Petroleum brent crude oil june 2015 Refinery manufacture the U.S. government has spent $488 million in help to Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP), however never made the legitimization of the principally unlawful artisanal mining a priority. In full disclosure, I watched the botched makes an attempt to kick-begin the Afghan brent crude oil june 2015 mining sector between 2011 and 2014, as a advisor to the U.S. government and later while brent crude oil june 2015 working for an organization focused on the pursuit of mining projects in Afghanistan. I witnessed first-hand the poor enterprise practices in MoMP and western donor failure to carry its Afghan companions, on the time, to account. Additionally, I noticed how most of the larger mining initiatives by no means made it past the tender process as a result of the U.S. government decided to tug the plug from contract implementing/monitoring applications that helped develop capability within the MoMP. Without this funding, the Afghans have little indigenous capacity to difficulty/monitor mining contracts effectively, transparently, or responsibly.