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Petroleum Merchandise Act a hundred and twenty Of 1977

Authorities Notice 145 in Authorities Gazette 5672, dated 29 July 1977. Graduation date: 16 September 1977. [Proc. 222, Gazette No. 5739, dated 23 September 1977].

Regulations Regarding PETROLEUM Products WHOLESALE LICENCES
Government Discover R287 in Authorities Gazette 28665, dated 27 March 2006. Commencement date: 27 March 2006.

The Minister of Minerals and Energy has beneath sections 2A, 2C, 2E, 2F and 12C of the Petroleum Products Act, 1997 (Act No. One hundred twenty of 1977) made the Regulations in the Schedule.

Arrangement OF Regulations

    Scope of regulation
    Lodging of wholesale licence software
    Discover of application for wholesale licence
    Acceptance of wholesale licence software
    Analysis of brent crude oil price lowest a wholesale licence software
    Proof of cost of levies
    Procedure for issuing wholesale licence
    Particulars to be included in wholesale licence

10. Environmental rehabilitation

    Monetary Safety for Rehabilitation
    . Normal circumstances with regard to wholesale licence
    . Temporary wholesale licence
    . Modification of wholesale licence
    . Documents to be submitted in help of wholesale licence utility
    . Documentation to be submitted to Controller upon profitable utility
    . Data to be submitted yearly to Controller by brent crude oil price lowest licensed wholesaler
    . Software for duplicate wholesale licence
    . Surrender of licence

20. Suspension and cancellation of licence

    Termination of licence
    . Choice-making by Controller
    . Refusal to situation licence
    . Appeals
    . False declarations
    . Additional info