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Lessor To A 3rd Social gathering Without

30,000 cubic cansWITNESSETH That the mentioned Lessor, for and in consideration of Ten and More DOLLARS, cash in hand paid, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged and of the covenants and agreements hereinafter contained on the part of Lessee to be paid, kept and performed, have granted, demised, leased and let and by these presents do grant, demise, lease and let solely unto the stated Lessee, for the aim of exploring by geophysical and other methods, mining and working for oil (together with but not restricted to distillate and condensate), gasoline (together with casing head fuel, helium, coal mattress methane gas, and all other constituents), and for laying pipelines, and constructing tanks, energy stations, buildings thereon, the appropriate to make use of current effectively bores, circulation strains and different production related gear, to supply, save and take care of said merchandise, all that certain tract of land, together with any reversionary rights therein, situated
within the County of , State of , described as follows, to-wit:

Section Township , Vary , and containing acres, kind of.
It is the intent to lease all of Lessor’s interest in Part Township Vary
It’s agreed that this lease shall remain in force for a term of years from the date above (hereinafter
known as “main term”) and as long thereafter as oil or fuel, or both of them, is produced from said land, or lands spaced or unitized therewith or the leased premises are being developed.
In consideration of the premises the stated Lessee covenants and agrees: to deliver to the credit score of Lessor, in
the pipeline to which it could join its wells, the part of all oil (together with but not limited to condensate and
distillate) produced and saved from the leased premises, less a proportionate deduction for any transportation or other charges or taxes charged to the Lessee; to pay Lessor for gas (including casing head gasoline and coal bed methane gas) byproduct of oil refining crossword usage of in anyway nature or sort (with all of its constituents) produced and bought, or used off the leased premises, or used in
the manufacture of products therefrom, of the gross proceeds received from any celebration (whether or not or not an
affiliate of Lessee) for the gasoline sold, used off the premises, or within the manufacture of products therefrom, much less a proportionate part, of any production, severance and other excise taxes and costs and/or fees incurred by Lessee in making marketable Lessor’s share of gasoline, and/or in gathering, transporting, processing, compressing or otherwise
advertising Lessor’s share of fuel, however in no event more than of the online amount actually obtained by the Lessee
from any such party. Mentioned payments to be made to Lessor on the address said above. [Any sales of oil or gas to an
affiliate of Lessee, or companies offered by an affiliate of Lessee, might be on terms comparable to [or, at the very least as favorable as] these accessible from different parties on the time of Lessee’s contracting with such affiliate.] Throughout any period (whether before or after the expiration of the primary or prolonged time period hereof) when neither oil nor gasoline is being so bought or used and the well or wells are shut in and there is no such thing as a current production of oil or fuel or operations on mentioned leased premises ample to maintain this lease in pressure, Lessee shall pay or tender a royalty of one Dollar ($1.00) per yr per web acre retained hereunder such payment or tender to be made, on or before the anniversary date of this lease subsequent ensuing after the expiration of ninety (90) days from the date such nicely is shut in and thereafter on the anniversary date of this lease in the course of the interval such well is shut in, to the royalty homeowners. When such fee or tender is made, will probably be considered that oil or gasoline is being produced throughout the meaning of the complete lease.
If, on the expiration of the primary term, Lessee is engaged in operations for the drilling, testing or reworking of any effectively on the lands lined by this lease or on lands spaced or unitized herewith, this lease nonetheless shall continue in power and effect so lengthy as the operations for drilling, testing or reworking of any existing or succeeding properly are being performed with no cessation of more than ninety (ninety) consecutive days and, if such operations lead to manufacturing, so long thereafter as oil, gas or other hydrocarbons are produced from the leased premises or from acreage spaced or unitized herewith. If, during any extension or continuation of the primary term of this lease, by manufacturing or otherwise, a change in spacing or within the effectively sample, as prescribed by the Oklahoma Corporation Fee or different governmental authority would in any other case result in all or a portion of the land covered by this lease being not held by manufacturing or in any other case topic to the terms hereof, Lessee shall have the proper to conduct the following steady drilling operations and maintain this lease as to all lands lined hereby. For a interval of ninety (90) days after such order or regulation altering the spacing or nicely sample affecting all or a part of the land coated hereby turns into last, Lessee shall have the fitting to begin drilling operations on that a part of the land coated hereby which would no longer be held by production or on other lands which are included in the realm which would no longer be held by manufacturing, and if such operations result in manufacturing, as to such land, this lease shall be prolonged for thus lengthy thereafter as oil, fuel, or other hydrocarbons is produced.
Lessee is hereby granted the precise at any time and occasionally to unitize the leased premises or any portion or portions thereof, as to all strata or any stratum or strata, with any other lands as to all strata or any stratum or strata, for the manufacturing primarily of oil or primarily of gasoline with or with out distillate. Nonetheless, no unit for the manufacturing primarily of oil shall embrace greater than forty acres plus a tolerance of ten-p.c thereof, or for the production primarily of fuel with or with out distillate more than 640 acres plus a tolerance of ten-p.c thereof; provided that if any governmental authority shall prescribe a spacing sample for the development of the field or allocate a producing allowable based on acreage per well, then any such unit might embrace as much additional acreage as could be so prescribed or as could also be used in such allocation of allowable. Lessee is also hereby granted the correct, at any time, to amend, modify, alter or cancel stated unitization agreement as may be mandatory in Lessee’s judgment to incorporate or exclude completely different strata, royalty house owners or lands or such different information as is deemed obligatory by Lessee. Operations upon and production from the unit shall be treated as if such operations have been upon or such production had been from the leased premises whether or not or not the properly or wells are positioned thereon. Your complete acreage within a unit shall be treated for all purposes as if it had been coated by and included in this lease except that the royalty on production from the unit shall be as below offered, and except that in calculating the amount of any shut in gas royalties, solely the a part of the acreage initially leased after which really embraced by this lease shall be counted. With respect to manufacturing from the unit, Lessee shall pay Lessor, in lieu of different royalties thereon, solely such proportion of the royalties stipulated herein as the amount of Lessors’ acreage placed in the unit bears to the full acreage within the unit.

Lessee shall retain a persevering with right-of-means and easement over, upon and across the entire leased premises to the extent necessary for Lessee and/or its fuel purchaser to conduct its operations on the leased premises or lands spaced therewith, regardless if a part of the leased premises revert or be released to Lessor.
If stated Lessor owns a much less curiosity within the above described land which is less than your complete and undivided payment easy property therein, then the royalties herein provided, shall be paid to the Lessor only within the proportion which Lessors’ interest bears to the whole and undivided price.
Lessee shall have the fitting to use, freed from value, gasoline, oil and water produced from mentioned land for its operations thereon, besides water from wells of Lessor.
When requested by Lessor, Lessee shall bury its pipelines beneath plow depth.
No nicely shall be drilled nearer than 200 ft to the home or barn now on the leased premises, with out the written consent of the Lessor.
Lessee shall pay for all damages caused by its operations to rising crops on said land.
Lessee shall have the precise at any time to remove all machinery and fixtures positioned on said premises, including the best to draw and remove casing.
If the estate of either social gathering hereto is assigned, and the privilege of assigning in whole or partially is expressly allowed, the covenants hereof shall prolong to their heirs, executors, administrators, successors or assigns. Nevertheless, no change or division in ownership of the land or royalties shall enlarge the obligations or diminish the rights of Lessee. No change within the ownership of the land or royalties shall be binding on the Lessee until after the Lessee has been furnished with a written switch or task or true copy thereof. In case Lessee assigns this lease, in complete or in half, Lessee shall be relieved of all obligations to the assigned portion or parts arising subsequent to the date of task.
If, at any time within the primary time period of this lease and while the identical stays in power and effect, Lessor receives any bona fide provide, which Lessor is prepared to just accept from any celebration providing consideration to Lessor for a lease (high lease) masking any or all the substances covered by this lease or covering all or a portion of the land described herein, with the highest lease becoming efficient upon the expiration of this lease, Lessor hereby agrees to immediately notify Lessee in writing of said provide, setting forth the proposed Lessee’s title, bonus consideration and royalty to be paid for such lease, and Lessor shall embrace a replica of the lease kind to be utilized which kind shall reflect all pertinent and related terms and situations of the top lease. Lessee shall have fifteen (15) days after receipt from Lessor, of an entire byproduct of oil refining crossword usage copy of any such offer to advise Lessor in writing of its election to enter into an oil and gas lease or prolong the first time period of this lease with Lessor on equivalent terms and situations as made in the top lease. If Lessee fails to notify Lessor inside the aforesaid fifteen (15) day period of its election to meet any such bona fide offer, Lessor shall have the appropriate to just accept said offer. It’s understood that any high lease acquired by Lessee herein pursuant to this provision, shall not restrict the time period or otherwise have an effect on the validity of this lease. Any prime lease granted by Lessor to a third get together with out, prior notification to Lessee, as set out above, shall be null and void.
When operations or manufacturing are delayed or interrupted by lack of water, labor or material, or by hearth, storm, flood, war, rebellion, insurrection, riot, strike, variations with workmen, or failure of carriers to transport or furnish facilities for transportation or lack of market in the sphere for the minerals produced, or because of any Federal of State law, or of some order, rule, regulation, requisition or necessity of any government or governmental authority, or any official acting thereunder, or as the results of any cause by any means past the management of Lessee, the time of such delay or interruption shall not be counted towards Lessee and this lease shall stay in power during such delay or interruption and ninety (90) days thereafter, something on this lease to the contrary however.
All express or implied covenants of this lease shall be subject to all Federal and State Laws, Executive Orders, Guidelines and Laws, and this lease shall not be terminated, in whole or partially, nor Lessee held liable in damages, for failure to comply therewith if compliance is prevented by, or such failure is the result of any such Regulation, Order, Rule or Regulation. The provisions of this lease are contractual in nature and each party’s duty arising out of or relating to this lease, or breach hereof, shall be limited to precise damages for breach of the provisions of this lease, and neither party shall have any legal responsibility in tort to the opposite get together.
This lease shall be effective as to each lessor on execution hereof as to his or her interest and shall be binding on those signing, notwithstanding a number of the Lessors above named may not join within the execution hereof. The word “Lessor” as used in this lease means the occasion or events who execute this lease as Lessor, though not named above.
Lessee might at any time and byproduct of oil refining crossword usage occasionally surrender this lease as to any half or elements of the leased premises by delivering or mailing a launch thereof to Lessor, or by inserting a launch of record in the right County. Lessor hereby warrants and agrees to defend the title to the lands herein described, and agrees that the Lessee shall have the precise at any time to redeem for Lessor by payment, any mortgages, taxes or different liens on the above described lands, within the occasion of default of fee by Lessor, and be subrogated to the rights of the holder thereof.
IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I/we signal this the day of , 2010.

State of }
} ss.

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