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The Speed Of Communications Is Wondrous To Behold

The velocity of communications is wondrous to behold. It’s also true that velocity can multiply the distribution of data that we know to be unfaithful.” –Edward R. Murrow

Musings about Media and Politics

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During among the scandals which erupted just a few years in the past I spent a while musing about how little has modified since the days of Plato’s Republic in Greece when the Sophists helped to destroy their democratic authorities. I in contrast the Greek Sophists to the likes of Scooter Libby and explored the rise of political strategists reminiscent of Karl Rove and Jack Abramoff, tracing the roots back to the development of propaganda strategies throughout World Warfare II by members of the newspaper, journal, radio and tv media and their adjunct advertising staffs.

Further musings along this line have taken me back into political management of the Democrats s as nicely, a long time earlier. When businessmen and bankers are put in control of our authorities, they tend to see the nationwide interest from their very own slanted perspective–believing “what’s good for Basic Motors is sweet for America,” et cetera. As James Carville used to remind Bill Clinton advert nauseum, “It’s the economy, silly,” and those in charge are inclined to have the most affect on the financial system when working through the corporations over which they, or those who are backing them, have essentially the most control.

In the late 20’s and early 30’s, not solely was radio one in all the most important investment opportunities of that day, however its can i get natural gas delivered to my home know-how promised an capability to affect a large-ranging viewers of voters, as well as buyers of can i get natural gas delivered to my home client items. Retailers of goods and services had been beginning to understand that radio could have a broader impression than newspapers and magazines. Politicians, and people who financed them, had been desperate to get aboard this new expertise. Demographics, like democracy, is all about numbers.

President Roosevelt, a savvy politician, make nice use of the brand new phenomenon in his “Fireside Chats.”

Elliott’s network would have made a third one, competing with CBS and NBC.
Lyndon Johnson’s opportunity to rise in radio got here concurrently with Elliott Roosevelt’s decline in that field, which can or is probably not a mere coincidence, every resulting from the influence of Jesse Jones’ community of Texans. In Jones’ e-book, Fifty Billion Dollars, printed by Macmillan in 1951, he disingenuously described the maneuvers of the Texas state Democratic convention of 1944:
the Regulars captured the convention from the pro-Roosevelt delegates, who then bolted to carry their very own convention. Soon after these conferences certain troublemakers in Washington tried to make it appear to the President can i get natural gas delivered to my home and others close to him that I had encouraged the motion taken by the Regulars. This was due to the fact that George A. Butler, the husband of certainly one of my a number of nieces, took a prominent part within the Regulars motion. In discussing this with the President, I informed him that I had a good many in-laws, including a number of males who had married my nieces, and that I didn’t management them in their politics any greater than he managed his own family. I reminded him that his son Elliott, over my protest, had persisted in his objective to second my nomination for the Vice Presidency on the 1940 Chicago Convention, after the President had chosen Henry Wallace, and of Elliott telling me that his father didn’t know what he was doing in wanting Wallace. Subsequent developments proved that Elliott was proper about Wallace.

Being a member of the President’s Cabinet, I used to be, in fact, embarrassed by Mr. Butler’s actions in the Regulars motion, however there was nothing I might do about it. [page 274]

Background of the “Texas Regulars” Movement
Spearheading the publicity for the “Regulars” was the eminent E.E. Townes, who had been intently linked to Jesse’s monetary community since at the least 1917, if not much earlier, by means of Houston oil men made wealthy after the Spindletop boom in 1901.

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Included among these businessmen had been the founders of Humble Oil, which had been chartered in 1917 by none other than Houston lawyer Edgar E. Townes on behalf of William S. Farish, Ross and Frank Sterling, Harry C. Wiess, Robert L. Blaffer, and W.W. Fondren. Jesse Jones, who was by no means an oil man, was strangely included in the original list of incorporators (probably as a mere trustee who represented the financial curiosity of others who wished to stay unnamed, more than likely Col. E. M. Home, who had beforehand introduced Jones to President Woodrow Wilson).[1]

A couple of months after Humble Oil’s corporate papers had been filed, President Wilson appointed Jesse to head the American Red Cross, then energetic in World Struggle I as a form of “unofficial intelligence company,” earlier than any official civilian intelligence service existed. Jones sold his stake in Humble Oil in 1918, after first introducing W.S. Farish to his “personal friend,” Harvey Gibson, president of Liberty Nationwide Financial institution in New York Metropolis, which loaned Humble a a lot wanted $250,000.[2]

Jones revealing model of San Jacinto Monument
E.E. Townes took Jones’ place in 1918 on the board of directors of Humble Oil and thereafter devoted full time to the corporation’s business.[Four] Townes’ brother, John C. Townes, Jr. was normal counsel for the company for a ten-12 months period earlier than going into partnership with E.E. Townes and his son.[5] For various years their law agency was positioned in the identical building–Houston’s San Jacinto Constructing–as Herman and George Brown’s “Brown Basis,” not surprisingly since, in line with Jesse Jones’ own newspaper [Ralph Bivins, Houston Chronicle, Part Business, Page 6, 08/17/2003], principals of Brown and Root bought the building in 1940 from principals of Humble Oil:
In 1940, an investment group led by George Brown of Brown and Root bought the property for $1.35 million. The seller was a holding firm led by R.L. Blaffer, former chairman of the previous Humble Oil and Refining Co. In 1950, a redevelopment of the lodge grew to become major news in Houston. The inside and exterior of the lodge were stripped away, architect Kenneth Franzheim [a brand new York and Houston architect who was awarded contracts from Jesse Jones’ RFC subsidiary Defense Houses Company] redesigned it, and the hotel was transformed into an workplace building.
The Townes brothers additionally had been assisted by legal professional Frank Andrews, senior partner of Andrews, Kurth, the Houston firm which represented Normal Oil of latest Jersey, which had a hidden 50% interest in “the Humble.” Andrews, by the way, was one other very shut good friend of Edward M. House (the “Colonel,” as he was called).[6] In reality, Andrews and Home were companions in an unsuccessful enterprise in Spindletop with traders from Boston.[7]

The 12 months FDR was first elected, 1932, Elliott was gross sales manager of the Southwest Broadcasting firm, based inside the Resort Texas in Fort Price, which dealt with the unique advertising rights of some of Texas’ largest corporations–Humble Oil and Duncan Coffee in Houston and Magnolia Petroleum of Dallas.

These companies’ executives all had sturdy ties to the government’s greatest banker of that day, Jesse Holman Jones, generally called “Mr. Houston.” Jones not only headed the Reconstruction Finance Company, however he also owned the Lamar Hotel where the “Suite eight-F Crowd” would meet in Herman Brown’s 8th floor suite. Originally appointed to the RFC by Herbert Hoover, Jones would stay in his vital publish all through FDR’s phrases of office till frustration with the brand new Deal compelled him out. Jones’ arrogance jokingly earned him the nickname, Jesus H. Jones, among some of his detractors.

In January 1938, Elliott turned president of Hearst Radio, Inc. after Southwest Broadcasting offered three of the businesses it owned to Hearst. A kind of stations–Station KUT (1300 kilocycles)–had been created in Austin, Texas in 1922 by the College of Texas which offered it in 1927 to Jesse Jones, below the corporate umbrella by which he owned Houston Station KTRH. Offered to the Hearst empire in 1932, the call letters have been modified to KNOW while the station employed then-student Walter Cronkite. Intriguingly, KNOW would later broadcast from the Norwood Constructing, now owned by an LBJ subsidiary controlled by Lyndon’s daughter, Luci JohnsonTurpin.