Can you Clear Scuff Marks On Patent Leather-based Tan Sneakers?

Patent leather has a shiny finish and is a durable materials, but it scuffs easily. Black patent leather shoes won’t present scuffs marks as much as mild-colored tan footwear. The slightest run in with a curb or rock, and you’ll be left with a mark throughout your tan patent leather-based shoes. You don’t need to take the footwear to a professional to have the scuffs removed. With the fitting merchandise, you can buff away the scuffs out of your tan patent leather-based footwear proper at residence.

Step 1
Rub the scuffs away with a gum eraser. Move the eraser frivolously over the scuff marks until they disappear.

Step 2
Moisten a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol. Dab the alcohol onto the scuff marks, then buff gently with a dry cloth.

Step 3
Dab petroleum jelly onto the scuff marks if they’re still there. Use simply enough petroleum jelly to cowl the marks, then buff flippantly with a gentle cloth till they’re gone.

Step four
Moisten a delicate cloth with nail polish remover for stubborn scuff marks. Rub briskly but lightly over the marks to take away them from the shoes.

Step 5
Wipe the entire shoe with a clean, damp cloth after all the scuff marks are gone to remove any residue, then buff with a dry cloth to take away the moisture.

Gum eraser

Cotton swab

Rubbing alcohol

Tender cloths

Nail polish Corporation remover
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