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central petroleum equipmentmpany korea Fundamentals Of Petroleum Refining

Who Should Attend
Course Contents
medium salt distillation columnYou do not need an engineering diploma to understand the fundamentals of petroleum refining! This exciting programme is designed to introduce non-technical oil business members to the fascinating field of petroleum refining. Learn the way a refinery works and how refinery operations have an effect on world oil and product prices.

Consists of Online Pre-study Module
This course is accompanied by a preparatory course obtainable online. Delegates will receive an online voucher as part of their becoming a member of directions upon affirmation of registration. By making the central petroleum equipmentmpany korea most of this “blended” studying method, in-class time and studying are optimized.

There are no stipulations for this programme. This is an entry-stage course the place we purposely keep central petroleum equipmentmpany korea everything in non-technical phrases!

Class delegates include anyone who needs to understand how this cornerstone of the petroleum industry works. New members of the industry shall be given an important introduction to the industry. Advertising and marketing personnel will grasp the intricacies of how the products they market come to exist. Those from the service side of the industry (brokerage, software, consulting) will get a first-hand view of this probably the most fundamental aspect of the oil trade.

– Fundamentals of crude oil
– Petroleum chemistry made easy
– The three stages of refining
– Atmospheric and vacuum distillation
– Cracking processes – Catalytic cracking
– Thermal cracking
– Coking
– Hydrocracking

Catalytic reforming
Gas plants
Blending for finished products – Gasolines
– Distillates
– Residuals

Refinery economics phrases

Course Director

“Excellent course. The instructor presented information in a enjoyable and thrilling method. I might strongly recommend this course to those in the power industry who wish to have a greater understanding of the refining process.” P.H.

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