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5ton Small Scale Crude Palm Oil Refining Machinery For sale

Oil palm or palm, belongs to perennial woody oil palm. The oil palm fruits together with fresh meat (dry base oil and palm kernel (45%-50%) dry medium containing forty eight%-55%) two elements, recognized as the “world oil king”. Characteristics of oil palm kernel oil preparation is used two occasions extraction methodology, particularly the first squeeze the pores and skin oil and then from the nucleolus in preparation of kernel oil. Both are edible after refining.

Knowledge: small scale crude palm oil refining machinery for sale
Palm oil is divided into pink oil and white oil. Pink oil is pressed by the palm fruit pulp, mainly for edible oil.White oil is pressed by the palm kernel, mainly for industrial oil.Crimson oil is made by the contemporary palm fruit string, every string is 10Kg to 20Kg.
The fruit c&n petroleum equipment jobs requirements string ought to do the high temperature cooking, Threshing the fruit for the string, heating and pressed by our palm oil press can get pink oil with water and stag, with separting and filting get red palm oil

The movement chart of latest situation small refining machine press palm oil :
fruit thresher—-palm fruit boiler—palm oil press—oil filter—oil storage—oil packing

All the machines for small purple palm oil processing machine with low worth




Palm thresher


Cooking palm c&n petroleum equipment jobs requirements boiler

Screw conveyor


Palm oil mill



one thousand

This palm kernel oil expeller machine will produce 5ton in at some point (12 hours), which adapts to palm fruit , palm kernel, rapeseed , coconut, corn germ and many different oil seeds. We can present all the plants include oil preparement , refining and packing line.

Wide choose for cooking palm oil:
Palm oil on this planet and is c&n petroleum equipment jobs requirements widely used in cooking and food manufacturing industry. It is used as a cooking oil, crispy fats and margarine. Synthetic Rubber Equipment Palm oil is simple to digest, absorb, and promote well being. Additionally it is appropriate for scorching weather and develop into a great seasoning pastry and bakery products. Because palm oil has a number of options, which deeply cherished meals business.