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With A Refining Capability Of Practically 217

Alon owns and operates bitter and heavy crude oil refineries in Big Spring, Texas, and Paramount, Lengthy Beach and Bakersfield, California coal and petroleum class 8 pdf mean (collectively referred to as our California refineries), in addition to a light sweet crude oil refinery in Krotz Springs, Louisiana.

With a refining coal and petroleum class 8 pdf mean capability of practically 217,000 barrels per day, Alon refineries produce several grades of fresh-burning gasoline, ultra-low-sulfur diesel, jet fuel, specialty chemicals and advanced-efficiency asphalt merchandise for street construction. Extremely-low-sulfur diesel produced by Alon takes less energy to refine than gasoline and burns cleaner than gasoline, producing more energy more effectively. It also might be refined and distributed inside the prevailing infrastructure.

These high-demand products show that environmentally superior state-of-the-artwork merchandise do not solely require significant investment in new technology however are attainable using today‚Äôs sources. gas It is this philosophy that’s guiding Alon to the forefront of the power trade.