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Buying Oil And Gas Producing Properties An Interview With Sonny Entrican Of Pumpjac Properties

Could you inform our readers what your organization does
Pumpjac properties record oil and fuel leases on the market and finds patrons for these properties. We’re the exclusive gross sales agent for crude oil hauling salary Majestic Administration Company in Glasgow Kentucky.

2-How did you get into the enterprise
I am the proprietor of Entrivac Corp in Louisville Kentucky. We rebuild industrial vacuum pumps for refineries and gasoline terminals nationwide. A gaggle of oil men in Texas, which I’ve known for years, ask me to carry out due diligence for a oil property in Kentucky. I visited the oil field, made my report, and some weeks later, they informed me they weren’t involved, nevertheless; I used to crude oil hauling salary be contacted by the promoting brokers of the Kentucky property. They appreciated my style and background and needed me to think about promoting oil and gas properties for them. That was one property and a yr ago, and now now we have listed nine properties nation huge totaling nicely over $1,000,000,000.

3-Are there any traits you are seeing that might not be obvious to our readers
Properly, producing properties with massive reserves with good documentation are one of the best sellers now, nonetheless the best offers crude oil hauling salary for the money are often the non-producing properties.

Four-The place are the most popular markets for brand new oil and gasoline leases or production
Really in every single place. But in fact the oil increase areas such west Kansas are especially so.

5-What are the valuation metrics to think about when evaluating an oil and gas lease
Production, reserves, good documentation by the owner, and a clear operation with no open wells, spills, and so forth.

6-For stage manufacturing, what are you seeing sellers get per barrel $20K $30K or more
I do not get entangled with that end of a sellers enterprise. What they get for their oil does not interest me as far as promoting the oil area.

7-Is this recent oil boom here to remain or only a speculative bubble
As a result of the demand is right here to remain and getting larger , as a result of the world oil reserves are on a downward pattern, (by most counts) the crude oil costs will probably be affected likewise.

Eight-How is your company different from others in the market
We don’t public sale oil and gasoline properties, we do not operate regionally, and we do not concentrate on any oil and gasoline area dimension ranges

9-Where are there still values in terms of shopping for manufacturing or leases KY, IL etc

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