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What’s P110 Oil Casing

gas storage tankP110 oil casing is a crucial oil drilling equipment, the main equipment also features a drill, core and casing pipe, drill collar and small-diameter steel pipe and different drilling. Domestic steel ca…

P110 oil casing is a vital oil drilling tools, the primary equipment also features a drill, core and casing pipe, drill collar and small-diameter steel pipe and different drilling. Home steel casing are all scorching rolled or cold drawn with geological drilling steel, steel grade with (DZ), frequent casing steel grade are DZ40, DZ55, DZ753 species.

1. goal
Used as oil effectively drilling pipe.
2. species
In line with SY / T6194-96 “oil casing”, divided into quick thread casing and couplings and lengthy thread casing and coupling two kinds.

3. specs crude oil price today per barrel live and crude oil price today per barrel live appearance high quality
(1) home casing in keeping with SY / T6194-96 laws, casing length no reduce to size, its vary eight-13m. However the casing of no less than 6m could also be supplied, which shall not exceed 20%.
(2) the inside and outer surface of the casing shall have no folded, hair sample, separation, crack, rolled off and scarring. These defects needs to be completely removed, and the clear depth shouldn’t exceed 12.5% of the nominal wall thickness.
(Three) coupling the outer surface may not have folded, hair sample, separation, crack, rolled off, scarring and other defects.
(4) casing and threaded coupling surface ought to be easy, doesn’t permit burr, tear and affect strength ample to interrupt threads and different defects in shut connection.

4. chemical composition crude oil price today per barrel live inspection
(1) according to SY / T6194-96 rules. Casing and couplings utilizing the same grade. Sulfur content material <0.045%, phosphorus content <0.045%.
(2) according to the provisions of GB222-84 chemical analysis of samples taken. Chemical analysis in accordance with the provisions of the relevant parts of GB223.
(3) American Petroleum Institute ARISPEC5CT1988 1st edition rules: Chemical analysis of sample preparation by ASTME59 latest version, chemical analysis according to the latest version ASTME350.

5. bodily performance test
(1) in accordance with SY / T6194-96 laws. For flattening take a look at (GB246-97) tensile testing (GB228-87) and hydrostatic testing.
(2) in response to the American Petroleum Institute APISPEC5CT1988 1st version offers for the hydrostatic test, flattening take a look at, sulfide stress corrosion cracking take a look at, hardness check (ASTME18 or the most recent version of the provisions E10), tensile take a look at, the lateral affect take a look at (ASTMA370, ASTME23 and the related provisions of the latest version of the standard), grain measurement determination (ASTME112 latest model or different strategies).

6. packing
In response to SY / T6194-96 regulations, home casing ought to be strapped with wire or steel. Every casing pipe and the exposed portion of the threaded couplings needs to be screwed on the guard ring to guard the threads.

7. Different
Based on the American Petroleum Institute Commonplace APISPEC5CT 1988 1st edition, oil casing steel fraction H-40, J-fifty five, Ok-fifty five, N-eighty, C-seventy five, L-80, C-90, C-95, P- a hundred and ten, Q-125 a complete of 10 varieties.
Casing must be out there with threaded and couplings, or by any of the following delivery:
Flat end, round thread without coupling or with coupling, buttress thread couplings with or with out coupling, direct sort thread, special finish processing, ring structure.

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