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The Characteristics And adaptability Of Castor Oil

Castor oil is the fatty oil obtained by mature seeds of Euphorbiaceae Ricinus communis by means of extracting and purifying. Castor oil extracted from castor seeds (containing about 50% oil).

The shelled nucleus incorporates as much as almost 70% oil, 18% protein. Castor oil is the one product grease that primarily containing hydroxy acid. The primary origin of castor is Brazil, India and the former Soviet Union, within the provinces of China has also planted.

Castor oil accommodates a large number of ricinoleic acid (above 80%), so that has many unique crude oil prices will rise properties: straightforward to soluble in ethanol, it is tough to dissolve in petroleum ether. This feature makes castor oil could be easily distinguished from different oils. The viscosity of castor oil is way greater than the average grease, at a temperature of 25 is 680CPS, viscosity index is 84, low coefficients of friction (zero.1). In the meantime, castor oil is insoluble in gasoline, low freezing point, high-lighted. Castor oil with strong mobility, refined castor oil at -22 was still flowing, quenched at -50 with out turbidity, is the best lubricants for aerospace and excessive-pace machine and the protecting oil for power belt. Has a powerful rotation, dielectric fixed is about 4.30, the best in frequent oils. The relative density and acetylated values of castor is greater than the overall grease. Castor oil hardly happens oxidative rancidity within the air, it has good storage stability, is a typical non-drying liquid oil.

Castor oil is an virtually colorless or slightly yellow clear viscous liquid, have somewhat smell, the taste is first light after which just a little bitter. It is straightforward to dissolve in ethanol, can be arbitrarily blended with ethanol, chloroform, diethyl ether or acetic acid. The relative density is zero.956 ~ 0.969 at 25. Refractive index is 1.478 ~ 1.480.

Castor oil is extracted from castor beans, with excessive financial crude oil prices will rise value, it’s a medicinal laxatives; textile, chemical engineering and light industry sectors take castor oil as dyeing auxiliary, lubricants, plasticizers, emulsifiers and manufacturing paint, cleaning soap and printing ink raw supplies. This oil can be used as barrier to dam dangerous local weather damage to the pores and skin, have skin moisten effect. After castor oil dried and hardened, could be made tasteless clear cleaning soap. Ricinoleic acid and its derivatives can make the pores and skin clean and moisturize pores and skin, enhance tough pores and skin, cure acne. In keeping with cosmetic uncooked material suppliers, hydrogenated castor oil or esters can be used as excipient or carrier, lubricants, solubilizers, and so on. within the cosmetics, toiletries, hair care and skin care merchandise, has cleaning and conditioning skin effects.

Castor oil treated with concentrated sulfuric acid will receive a great floor lively sulfate (often known as Turkey crimson oil). Castor oil via dehydrating can be obtained conjugated double bond dry oils. With different hydrogenation circumstances processed castor oil could be obtained different kinds of products, subsequently castor oil extensively used in varied industrial sectors. Castor oil is closest pure compound monoacid triglycerides. The unsaponifiable content material in castor oil is lower than 1%. Vitamin content can also be lower (about 0.05).

The oil content material of castor beans is high, because of the different functions of oil, the extracted oil methods also completely different, medicinal castor oil is cold pressed with a hydraulic press, the temperature does not exceed 50, in any other case some impurities shall be dissolved in the oil and cannot for medicinal functions. Castor oil obtained by cold pressed was often called the first. After its residue crushing, then urgent or leaching once more to prepare the third castor oil (No 2th) for industrial use. With screw press instantly urgent, or castor oil obtained by pre-press-leaching only can be utilized as industrial oil.

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