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Stop Using Petroleum Merchandise: Petroleum Jelly

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This is the explanation I stopped using Hair Grease and Vaseline.
In 2008, many individuals still use dangerous and toxic Mineral Oil. Mineral oil has no place on or within the human body as these items is derived from petroleum or crude extract.
Mineral oil is liquid or gelatinous petroleum, also referred to as Petroleum Jelly.
The Rockefellers pretty much personal your complete Petroleum Business worldwide they usually use their prized product crude oil refineries in dubai to make pharmaceutical merchandise (treatment, chemotherapy). The oil and medical trade in the United States are annexed through PETROLEUM!
The Rockefellers took over the American medical trade to introduce petroleum-primarily based products on to the medical scene to reap extra profits from the ignorant, unsuspecting, and powerless American individuals.
So at present, you will see that petroleum (crude) in pharmaceutical drug products, female vaginal sanitary merchandise, baby care products, auto industry supplies, and even foodstuffs. Yes, even so-referred to as foods!
Mineral oil ought to never be used on the hair and pores and skin. Never! Why Mineral oil clogs the pores and suffocates the pores and skin, which is a respiratory organ. Your hair and skin are alive and you must deal with them as such.
And these poor American babies! Due to corporations like Johnson’s (Johnson & Johnson), unconscious mother and father are putting petroleum on their precious new baby’s pores and skin, causing the pores and skin to become all onerous and dry. I used to wonder why so many newborn baby’s skin had been so exhausting and dry and that i discovered crude oil refineries in dubai it was as a result of mineral oil-primarily based merchandise the ignorant parents were using on the sufferer (baby).
Many unconscious African-American males are additionally utilizing petroleum or crude oil on their hair. That’s proper! On their damn hair and heads! And all for the sake of waves in their hair. This is insane!
Many American females are using petroleum on their our bodies as nicely, from lipstick to make-up remover (Vaseline). This crap has no business on the human body.
The Rockefellers are all up inside the average American female’s vagina too. Ok-y Jelly (lubricant) is petroleum-based mostly. So is ‘Vagisil’ feminine deodorant powder. These petroleum merchandise find their method into the vagina. Actually, women put them there (via their ignorance).
Petroleum has no place within the female vagina. You don’t put crude oil extract within the vagina! You just do not do that! I mean, you possibly can, however it isn’t smart to do so. There are deleterious consequences for such action(s).

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