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Nelson Complexity Index

It was developed by Wilbur L. Nelson in a series of articles that appeared in the Oil & Fuel Journal[four] from 1960 to 1961 (Mar. 14, p. 189; Sept. 26, p. 216; and June 19, p. 109). In 1976, he elaborated on the idea in one other collection of articles, once more in the Oil & Gasoline Journal (Sept. 13, p. 81; Sept. 20, p. 202; and Sept. 27, p. 83).

NCI = ∑ i = 1 N F i ∗ C i C C D U \displaystyle \textual contentNCI=\sum _i=1^NF_i*\frac C_iC_CDU [5]

The place:
F i \displaystyle F_i is a complexity issue
C i \displaystyle C_i is a unit capacity
C C D U \displaystyle C_CDU is a capability of crude distillation unit
N \displaystyle N is various all items

The NCI assigns a complexity issue to each major piece of refinery equipment based mostly on its complexity and price in comparison to crude distillation, which is assigned a complexity factor of 1.Zero. The complexity of every piece of refinery tools is then calculated by multiplying its complexity factor by its throughput ratio as a share of crude distillation capacity. Adding up the complexity values assigned to every piece of equipment, together with crude distillation, determines a refinery’s complexity on the NCI.

The NCI signifies not solely the investment intensity or price index of the refinery but also its potential worth addition. Thus, the higher the index quantity, the higher the cost of the refinery and the higher the worth of its merchandise.

Within the second edition of the e-book Petroleum Refinery Course of Economics (2000), writer Robert Maples notes that U.S. refineries rank highest in complexity index, averaging 9.5, compared with Europe’s at 6.5. The Jamnagar refinery belonging to India-based Reliance Industries Limited is now one of the advanced refineries on this planet with a Nelson complexity index of 14.[6] The brand new refinery began trial production on December 25, 2008. The previous BP Texas Metropolis, Texas refinery, newly acquired by crude oil refinery inputs Marathon Petroleum crude oil refinery inputs as their Galveston Bay Refinery has a Nelson complexity index of 15.3 in 2013.

The Oil and Gas Journal yearly calculates and publishes a list of refineries with their related Nelson complexity index scores.

Complexity elements[edit]
Some components for various processing items:

If an oil refinery has a crude distillation unit (100 kbd), vacuum distillation unit (60 kbd), and catalytic reforming unit (30 kbd), then the NCI shall be 1*(a hundred/100) + 2*(60/one hundred) + 5*(30/100) = 1.Zero + 1.2 + 1.5 = 3.7.

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