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Whether Dealing with Heavier Fractions

Perhaps no different side of petroleum-related production entails the diversity of measurement applications as that found current price of crude oil and natural gas in petroleum refining. Oil firms continue to innovate to meet the calls for for “boutique” fuels while maximizing output.

High temperatures and pressures characterize the working environment for refining course of tools, and the need for strong, reliable solutions extends to the equipment used to measure it is merchandise. FMC Technologies is acknowledged for accurate and versatile measurement options that span the measurement needs of the oil refinery. Whether or not dealing with heavier fractions, lighter liquid components, automotive- or aviation-grade fuels, waxes or lubricants, the proper collection of products can be discovered within the FMC Applied sciences household of solutions. Flowmeters from FMC Applied sciences exist in nearly every refining software where correct measurement is required.

Massive refineries might have dozens of hydrocarbon blending streams current price of crude oil and natural gas for the advanced processes that produce as we speak’s refined products; such course of stream and utility variables require accurate measurement options underneath a broad range of situations. FMC Technologies combines a deep understanding of measurement rules, functions know-how and product portfolio range mandatory to meet full measurement needs in petroleum blending, including newer requirements involving renewable fuels equivalent to ethanol.