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Obama: America Is no. 1 Producer Of Oil, Fuel

The United States is on high of the world in terms of vitality production, President Barack Obama said during his sixth State of the Union.

“We believed we may scale back our dependence on international oil and protect our planet,” he mentioned throughout his Jan. 20 tackle. “And in the present day, America is primary in oil and gasoline. America is primary in wind energy. Every three weeks, we convey on-line as a lot solar power as we did in all of 2008.”

We decided to check out the information and see if in actual fact the United States is the world’s high oil and fuel producer. As it seems, the United States passed Saudi Arabia about two years ago by way of oil production. And we’ve been the top producer of pure gas for more than two many years.

The U.S. Energy Info Administration, which tracks international power manufacturing and consumption statistics, generally makes use of total oil supply manufacturing as its most relevant statistic for assessing the world oil market. This statistic includes crude oil, pure fuel liquids, condensates, different liquids, reminiscent of biofuels like ethanol, and refinery achieve.

By this measure, within the third quarter of 2014 — which incorporates the newest available information — the United States produced 14.2 million barrels per day. The following-highest producer, Saudi Arabia, produced eleven.7 million per day; and Russia produced 10.5 million per day. Collectively, that’s about forty p.c of total international manufacturing.

If we whittle down that number further just to take a look at crude oil — what usually involves mind once we consider “oil manufacturing” — with no other liquids, the United States is third behind Saudi Arabia and Russia. However when natural gas liquids are added into the mix, the United States takes the No. 1 spot again with 12.9 million barrels per day of crude oil and natural fuel liquids.

A d&d petroleum geology word: Pure gas liquids — included within the oil production depend — are different from natural gasoline. Natural gasoline liquids are derivatives of petroleum (like kerosene) which can be found in the same rocks as a pure gas deposit. Natural gas is methane that comes from the bottom as a gasoline. It’s the gasoline that comes out of a fuel stove and heats buildings.

The United States produces considerably more pure gas than Saudi Arabia and a bit more than Russia. In keeping with the Energy Information Administration, United States energy manufacturing is about evenly split between petroleum and pure gasoline. Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, primarily produces petroleum.

Here is a chart exhibiting the breakdown:

The United States and Russia are the highest producers of natural gas — with the United States producing 29.5 trillion cubic feet in 2012, and Russia producing 23 trillion.

Oil manufacturing development has contributed to the United States’ capacity to provide more oil than it imports for the primary time in about 20 years. The Energy Data Administration expects American production to continue to grow in 2015, despite recent lower crude oil prices.

The majority of U.S. oil manufacturing growth is concentrated in 4 regions: Bakken, N.D.; Eagle Ford, Texas; the Niobrara region within the Higher Midwest states; and the Permian Basin of Texas and New Mexico.

North Dakota and Texas collectively comprise almost 50 % of all crude oil production within the United States — in comparison with 2010, when the 2 states combined produced just 26 p.c of all U.S. crude oil production.

In 2013, energy markets guide group PIRA Energy published a report that mentioned shale manufacturing is among the driving forces behind the country’s manufacturing progress. Shale oil and gas are generally associated with hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, which d&d petroleum geology is the strategy of using water pressure to fracture a rock to launch pure fuel and oil. The United States is the world leader in shale fuel manufacturing.

There is no less than one piece of context to bear in mind when trying at the United States’ oil production compared with Saudi Arabia, noted Leonardo Maugeri, an affiliate at Harvard University’s Geopolitics of Energy project. Saudi Arabia has a better capability than the United States to supply oil, nevertheless it chooses not to make use of it all — in order not to inundate the worldwide oil market.

“In different phrases, if Saudi Arabia produced at full capability — as the U.S. does — its production could be larger than the U.S.” Maugeri said.

Our ruling
Obama mentioned “America is no. 1 one in oil and fuel “

The newest world oil and pure gasoline production statistics back up Obama’s declare. The United States has been the world’s largest oil producer since 2012, and the largest pure fuel producer for years. We rate his assertion True.

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