Enhancing Reiki With Aromatherapy

How did I begin utilizing aromatherapy in my Reiki classes?
I truly got here across Important Oils before I began Reiki. I saw my buddy utilizing Essential Oils on her canine and it caught my attention. I started to do a little analysis and eventually used Essential Oils on myself. As I started to check Essential Oils, it grew to become an integral a part of my life. Now my medicine cabinet accommodates principally Important Oils. When I’ve a headache, I take advantage of peppermint. When I’ve a rash or burn, I use lavender. When I’m congested, I take advantage of Petroleum eucalyptus. Since I had such a optimistic experience using Important Oils for myself, pals and household, I put it to use on my shoppers during Reiki periods. I exploit Important Oils in my Reiki classes 90% of the time. I find the two work really well together. For instance, I found that Important Oils help put shoppers in a more receptive state earlier than the Reiki session. When they walk into my office from the busy New York Metropolis street, a drop or two of Important Oils help calm down my shoppers instantaneously, whereas Reiki alone may have taken a couple of minutes longer to get to that place. Important Oils work very quickly. If a consumer has a sinus problem, eucalyptus can assist clear out the nose before they get on the table. At this point the Reiki can work its magic and get to the core of the problem.

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What are Important Oils?
Important Oils are aromatic liquids which are extracted from shrubs, flowers, bushes, roots, bushes, rind and seeds. Just just like the blood in our our bodies, the oil or resin carries nutrients throughout the plant and protects in opposition to infections and different diseases.

How it really works
Essential Oils promote healing, bodily, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When the oil’s aroma enter the nostril, it goes into the blood stream and every part of the body. Chemical interplay can happen between the oils and our our bodies. For example, once i by chance burned my hand whereas cooking, lavender oil helped scale back the ache and inflammation. At the same time it calmed my thoughts, so it helped ease my physique and my mind from the trauma of the burn. Our our bodies can turn out to be sedated, stimulated or relaxed by the action of certain oils. Ache may very well be decreased; cuts and scrapes may heal faster; and inflammations and spasms might be reduced. For probably the most half Essential Oils will at all times affect more than one system so many instances I find there are helpful bonuses which can be unplanned.

Some more benefits of Essential Oils
-Many of the Essential Oils have a high frequency vibration and assist to deliver our frequency up.
-Many Essential Oils have a high antioxidant ranking.
-Many Important Oils help relaxation and extra restful sleep.
-Many Important Oils help relieve bodily discomfort and ache.
-Many Essential Oils are known to improve immunity to ailments similar to cold and flu.
-Lots of the Essential Oils assist emotional traumas by accessing the Amygdala (the part of the brain that retains reminiscences from emotional trauma) by way of the olfactory nerves.
-Science has confirmed that many particular person Essential Oils are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

The completely different methods of applying Important Oils during Reiki sessions
There are a lot of other ways you should utilize Important Oils in your Reiki session. I exploit them very gently as a complement to the Reiki session. It’s essential that you keep inside your scope as a Reiki practitioner. Except you might be licensed massage therapist you aren’t allowed to rub oils or therapeutic massage the shopper with Essential Oils. (Within the state of N.Y. and lots of other states within the U.S.)

  1. Diffuser: I usually diffuse Essential Oils within the foyer space solely, so that each consumer can choose their oil and not be forced to be in a room filled with Essential Oils diffused by the previous consumer. (A chilly press diffuser is very beneficial.)
  2. Spray Mist: Place a number of drops of the Important Oil of your alternative in a spray bottle crammed with distilled water. Shake and spray within the room and/or mist the client’s head.
  3. Paper towel/tissue: Put a drop of the Important Oil of your choice on a paper towel/tissue and place the tissue on a pillow when laying face up or on a face cradle when facing down.
  4. Your Hand: Put a drop of Important Oil on your hand earlier than the session. (Please avoid sharp oils like peppermint, basil, or oregano, and so on if you’re going to position your hand on a client’s face.)
  5. On client’s palms, wrist or crowns: Place a drop of Essential Oils on the client’s hand, wrist or crown before the session.

How you can decide what oil to work with
I normally have 10 to quarter-hour of checking in and verbal counseling with the shopper before I begin the physical a part of the Reiki session. Primarily based on the data from the verbal part of the session, I choose three oils and let them scent one after the other. I ask my consumer which one resonates with them probably the most. I don’t usually tell them what every oil is till they choose one. It usually it turns out to be the one which was calling me essentially the most, however I want my shopper to be a part of the process. Listed below are four issues you would do that can assist you decide which important oil to work with.

  1. Discuss: When you are talking to your consumer about how they are doing and what assist they need, you possibly can decide which oil to use. Based on what challenges they’ve or what intentions they’ve for the session. You too can decide on which oil to work with primarily based on which chakra your shopper may need help in. There is more information about chakras and important oils within the Aromatherapy Essential Oil Information part of my web site. (purplefishhealing.com)
  2. Reiki Scan/Intuitive Guidance: You can scan your client’s physique or place a hand on your client’s head and ask for guidance to resolve which oil to make use of.
  3. Pendulum: You need to use a Pendulum alone, or use it to vertify the knowledge you bought from Reiki scan/Intuitive steering. If you’re new to the Pendulum, all you’ll want to know is “to and fro(in direction of and away from) means Yes, left and proper means NO and circle means “may be
  4. Kinesiology: I take advantage of this for a conformation of the data from Reiki scan/Intuitive steering. It’s very easy. Hold the bottle on the client’s chest and ask them to carry the arm on the shoulder degree. When you attempt to press the arm down, if the arm goes down, which means the client may use that exact oil. If the arm is robust and stays up, strive completely different oil.

Vital information about Important oils

High quality: It’s crucial to know the supply. Do the analysis on the corporate you might be shopping for the oils from. Test on the standards of the company, how they grow, harvest and distill. It’s a very costly and time consuming process to provide good high quality oils. There are many inexpensive adulterated oils on a market. In the case of important oils, you get what you pay for. If you are taken with buying oils from me, please go to my webpage. (http://purplefish.younglivingworld.com)

When utilizing oils with a shopper
-Always ask your consumer about pores and skin sensitivity and allergies earlier than making use of important oils on your client.

-Keep vegetable oil close to by: In case your client has an allergic response to the oil, Do not flush with water. Important oils will unfold while you flush with water and make things worse. Please use vegetable oil. It can be olive oil from your kitchen. I by no means needed to make use of this, but it’s form of like having a fireplace extinguisher in the kitchen.

-Inform your client to not rub their eyes once they get a drop of a sharp oil like peppermint, oregano, basil and etc on their hands.

Safe oils for various individuals
Under is the list of what is generally considered protected oils for particular particular person. However, everyone has a different response, please use caution and take a look at them earlier than use.
Infants: Chamomile Roman, Lavender, and Rose: 1 drop every per ounce of vegetable oil.
Youngsters: Chamomile Roman, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Mandarin, Rose and Rosewood: 25% dilution with vegetable oil.
Pregnancy: Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime, Neroli, Mandarin, Patchouli, Rosewood, and Ylang Ylang: 50% dilution with vegetable oil.
Elderly: Any oil: 25% dilution with vegetable oil.

Oils really helpful to avoid with particular people
Below is the listing of what is mostly really helpful to avoid when using oils with explicit people. I only included the commonest essential oils. Simply because it’s not listed below doesn’t mean they are protected, please use caution.

High blood pressure: Keep away from Clove, Cypress, Hyssop, Juniper, Lavender, Spike, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sage, and Thyme.
Ragweed allergies: Avoid Chamomile or Yarrow.

This is the tough half. As a Reiki practitioner or an aromatherapist, you cannot diagnose or prescribe. Remember you aren’t a medical doctor. You might understand how great essential oils are and how a lot it should assist your client, but you can not prescribe important oil to your client. (This applies to N.Y. State within the U.S. I do know that Reiki Digest now has readers from over forty different international locations, please check your native laws.) You can’t use word like CURE.

What you can say is “Promotes good health“Makes you feel good“Mood elevatingand/or “relaxing What you can even do is share your experience or quote a vital oils ebook.

My advice is to begin by doing some more analysis. Then start practising utilizing essential oils with yourself, your mates and household until you’re feeling snug offering it to your consumer.

  1. Verify along with your pal/household/shopper about their sensitivity and allergies. In the event that they don’t have any, proceed to step 2.
  2. Place your palms in your client head and do a reiki scan and intuitive steering to see what oil may be good for the session. In case you are Reiki 2 or Reiki grasp, you should use the third symbol to help connect with your client.
  3. Once you have an oil chosen. Let your shopper sniff the bottle to see if they like it. Then put a drop of oil in your hand and rub your hands together to activate the oil.* Then start the Reiki session as typical.
  4. After the session make an observation of your experience and your purchasers feedback.

* After you practice just a few occasions, you can begin to offer the oils to your mates/household/purchasers on their hands, crown or wrists on step three.

Enjoy! I hope this may help you to explore the wonderful world of Aromatherapy.

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