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Bart Sweazea Explains Pangean Vitality Efforts

Bart Sweazea is the President of Pangean Energy, primarily based out of Bedford, TX. Below the guiding hand of Bart Sweazea, Pangean has been leasing acreage all through North Dakota and Montana in the heart of The Bakken Shale play. It is alleged that there are Billions of barrels of oil which might be recoverable and that this formation might save America from its dependence on foreign oil.

Bart Sweazea said, “We’ve been drilling through these shales for years and know exactly the place they are. It took the fractional distillation of crude oil fuse school event of The Barnett Shale in the Ft. Bending machine Price Basin for us to excellent how to get it out!”

Pangean plans to develop 50,000 acres throughout North Dakota and Montana in the heart of fractional distillation of crude oil fuse school the sphere and it is claimed that their President, Bart Sweazea, has been quietly working on a plan to build a refinery that would process great deal of the candy crude produced on this area.

In keeping with Bart Sweazea, Pangean Power has put collectively a “dream team” of Geologists, Geophysicists, and Petroleum Engineers to assist develop their 50,000+ world-class acres in North Dakota and Montana starting in 2014.

Their acreage has billions of barrels of producible oil estimated and with industry companions they plan to extract each drop, mentioned Bart Sweazea. The phrase is they have partnered up with Houston based DS Oil Services, the main innovator of Green Fracking Expertise, to assist with the fracking and production engineering, as Cameron Dolezal with DS is a fracking genius!

Bart Sweazea exclaimed that combining physics and chemistry and breaking new ground with unimaginable, food grade chemicals that outperform all other normal completion chemicals, and probably the most superior fracking gear and know-how obtainable. “DS is the Best….Period!” Bart Sweazea stated.

“We plan to re-set the bar for production data within the Bakken,” said Bart Sweazea. DS Oil Providers presents a full vary of non-toxic chemicals in all of their providers and Pangean plans to make use of them exclusively for their improvement of fractional distillation of crude oil fuse school their acreage in Texas, North Dakota, Montana, and Nevada.

In accordance with The Bakken Magazine, “Bart Sweazea believes the brand new venture will help each company produce a few of the best wells within the Bakken based on earlier expertise in different shale plays.”

Pangean Power finds oil where nobody is looking! Leasing up 1000’s of acres in what has been known as, “The Greatest Shale Play Ever!” President Bart Sweazea said, “We’re taking a look at acreage in all the major shale performs as a result of that’s what we know best.”