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Gulf Coast Oil And Fuel Company

4500 square 2205 heat exchanger

Holdings:Gulf Coast Oil and Gas Company once held lease inventories of more than one million acres ranging from the Alaskan North Slope to (not ironically) the Gulf Coast of the United States. Now all holdings from this firm have been included into the three predominant corporations which comprise the oil and fuel division of Spear Brothers Group.
Historical past:Gulf Coast Oil and Fuel Company green petroleum equipment houston tx was formed by Howell Spear within the early 1970’s and included in 1980. The corporate’s actions in the early years centered across the buying and promoting of oil and gasoline leases from the United States authorities (Bureau of Land Administration) in addition to several state governments. Other activity included selling and participating in wildcat ventures and drilling deals.
In the present day:In 2016, Gulf Coast Oil and Fuel Firm followed the lead of several different SBG corporations who consolidated in 2010 to increase our efficiency and additional secure our assets. All leases from GC have now been assigned to Trabajo Del Spear (working interest) and Realeza Del Spear (royalty interest) thus relegating any remaining Gulf Coast activity to wistful hopes of holidays on the beaches of Pensacola (which Howell once fondly nicknamed “Monahans green petroleum equipment houston tx on the Gulf”).