Heat Pump Vs. Propane Furnace Heat

House heating methods devour as much as 50 p.c of the energy used in the typical dwelling, in keeping with the American Council for an Power Efficient Financial system, or ACEEE. Heating programs are important for keeping your family heat and comfy every winter. When it comes it choosing a heating system, choices like heat pumps and propane-powered furnaces can have a significant influence on utility bills and power consumption.

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Heat pumps draw heat energy from the air exterior and use it to heat the home. They use a refrigerant system to seize outside heat, then switch it indoors by way of a series of copper pipes or coils. An indoor fan blows on the copper coils to distribute heat power by way of the house. The cooled refrigerant then passes back outside to gather more heat. Within the summer season, the refrigerant cycle may be reversed to extract heat from the house and exhaust it outdoors, thereby preserving the inside of the house cool and comfortable. In keeping with Vitality Savers, heat pumps are only in mild or warm climate zones and are usually not usually an environment friendly selection for very chilly areas.

Propane furnaces, however, rely on a standard combustion course of to generate heat energy within the furnace itself. Unlike heat pumps, they’ll only be used for heating, although a separate propane air conditioning system can be utilized for cooling.

A propane furnace relies on liquid propane for energy, which is stored in a large tank. Homeowners who choose to heat with propane must have these tanks refilled each season by a propane supply service.

Air-supply heat pumps are fueled by electricity, but really work differently than a typical electric-resistance heater. As a substitute of remodeling electrical vitality into heat, which is a extremely inefficient process, they rely on electricity only to power fans and blowers. The refrigerant simply collects current heat from outside in the course of the winter or inside the home throughout the summer season. Electricity is just used to power fans and blowers to exhaust this heat from the system.

The efficiency of your home heating system can have a significant impact on your loved ones’s well being. Programs with a excessive efficiency ranking consume fewer fossil fuels. By decreasing your consumption of fossil fuels, you assist cut back air and water pollution while reducing the affect of world warming.

Heat pump efficiency will be measured using the heating season efficiency factor, or HSPF. In keeping with Vitality Savers, the most efficient heat pumps have an HSPF between eight and 10. The upper this worth, the better the efficiency.

The efficiency of a propane furnace might be measured using the annual gas utilization effectivity, or AFUE rating. In line with Vitality Savers, AFUE rankings for these models range from 78 to ninety seven percent.

One in every of the first benefits of a heat pump is its ability for use yr spherical. It additionally produces almost twice as much energy because it consumes, in line with Power Savers.

In keeping with the Propane Gasoline Affiliation of recent England, a propane furnace produces heat at a hundred and twenty levels Fahrenheit, whereas heat pumps produce heat at round 95 levels Fahrenheit. This makes a furnace the superior selection for very chilly climate zones. Propane is also a clean-burning fuel, and in accordance with Vitality Savers, contributes much less to air pollution than the coal used for electricity production.

When evaluating the working costs of heat pumps and furnaces, evaluate cost per unit of heat, or BTU, reasonably than value of fuel.

Iowa State College, or ISU, recommends finding the price per 1,000,000 BTUs utilizing this components: Gasoline Amount occasions Gas Price Divided by Effectivity Ranking. According to ISU, you’d want eleven.11 gallons of propane or 293 kilowatt-hours–kwh–of electricity to generate a million BTUs of heat. ISU assumes propane costs $1.30 per gallon and electricity costs $0.095 per kwh. Before plugging in effectivity information, convert the percentage to a decimal. According to Power Savers, the common heat pump is 200 percent environment friendly, or 2.Zero, whereas the minimum propane furnace is 78 percent environment friendly, or 0.78.

Using this system, one million BTUs from a propane furnace price $18.52, while the identical million BTUs of heat from a heat pump price $13.Ninety two. By recalculating these costs using fuel prices in your space, you may make a true apples-to-apples cost comparability.

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