I Simply Made Diesel For $1.35 A Gallon

I began blending Diesel utilizing waste vegetable oil and petroleum products, three months ago. It was innocent at first but has grown into an obsession – prowling the back alley ways looking out for chubs of discarded cooking oil. Checking the wholesale gasoline distributors of bulk kerosene. Reading the blogs and posts on the forums about mixing, additives and the like.

Unlike the chemical process that the bio-fuel guys use, I keep the glycerin within the oil for the added power output. The difference is nearly forty% larger power and mileage than industrial bio-diesel with the glycerin taken out. I am simply using kerosene, naphtha and unleaded fuel to thin the waste veggie oil to match the viscosity of #2 diesel. This fashion the injectors do a very good job of misting it into the engine. I just display screen, filter; add kerosene, naphtha, gas and go. No chemicals, washing oil, drying oil, or any engine adjustments, just as simple as could be! I just made Diesel for $1.35 a gallon.
With this system it can be utilized at one hundred% blended gas, or with any blend of #2 diesel you can think of without any worries of problems, mixing, or settling.

Each engine I that I have used it in positive factors not less than if not greater than 25% energy, and gas mileage. My ‘2001 F-250 PowerStroke Diesel Ford Pickup went from 16mpg with #2 diesel up to 20-23mpg on blended gas. It’s unbelievable! I simply made Diesel for $1.35 a gallon.

At present I made a video of my course of. I shall be posting it on U-Tube in the approaching days.

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