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Petroleum Refining And Processing

This short course presents an summary of the petroleum refining and processing trade together with the feedstock properties, product slate and the processes used to convert crude oil and intermediate streams into fascinating merchandise. The basics of hydrocarbon properties and products quality shall be discussed. Every processing unit shall be explained including the equipment description and selection basics, working circumstances, process parameters, catalyst, utilities, feedstock and merchandise quality.

Particular Features
The course will cover the processing and refining trade by its items. It will go into the main points of the units’ gear selection and working situations and parameters. The members will be capable of reveal complete data of various processing items in the petroleum refining, properties of the feedstock and merchandise, products qualities and yields, images of petroleum refinery lyrics and to perform basic calculations and evaluations primarily based on the models and their tools.

Course outline

Hydrocarbon Chemistry and Properties
Crude Oil Properties, Sources, Assays
Shale Oil and Bitumen
The Refinery Circulate Sheet: Process Items, Streams, Terminology
Gasoline images of petroleum refinery lyrics Products
Atmospheric and Vacuum Distillation, Desalting
Fluid Catalytic Cracking
Catalytic Reforming, Aromatics Restoration for Petrochemical Feedstocks
Alkylation and Polymer Gasoline
Hydrotreating, Hydrocracking
Hydrogen Plants, Sulfur Recovery, Sweetening
Lube Oil Base Stocks
Resid Processing, Thermal Cracking, Visbreaking, Solvent Deasphalting, Coking, Hydrocracking

Engineering managers
Engineers in oil and petroleum industries (mechanical, electrical, civil, environmental, materials, petroleum)
Legal and authorities personnel who interface with oil and fuel trade
Chemical and Process Engineering Technologists
Environmental Technicians
Maintenance Supervisors
Laboratory Technicians
Chemical Plant Operators
Mission Managers and Engineers

Instructor’s Data:
The course instructor holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from images of petroleum refinery lyrics University of Alberta. He has about 15 years of expertise in chemical engineering industries, analysis, consulting and instructing. He labored as an assistant professor at Cairo College and taught many chemical engineering courses in College of Alberta. He offered many industrial coaching courses in oil and gas processing, Canadian oil sands, heavy oil upgrading, petrochemicals, chemical response engineering, environmental engineering and process safety.