IP 4: Petroleum Products – Determination Of Ash (ISO 6245:2017)

This International Commonplace specifies a way for the willpower of the ash content material of petroleum products, such as distillate and residual fuel oils, crude petroleum, lubricating oils, waxes and different petroleum products, by which any ash-forming constituents current are usually considered to be undesirable impurities medium salt distillation column or contaminants. 30,000 cubic cans Ash can consequence from oil-soluble or water-soluble metallic compounds or from extraneous solids reminiscent of dirt and rust.

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The method is relevant to products having ash contents within the range zero,001 % (m/m) to zero,180 % (m/m), however doesn’t apply to products which comprise ash-forming additives, including sure phosphorus compounds. The analysis of unused or used lubricating oils, containing aditives, used engine crankcase oils, lubricating oils containing lead, or sure non-hydrocarbon diesel fuels, should be determined utilizing 1SO 39871), which includes a step to produce sulfated ash of higher melting point.

Word 1 – For the purposes of this Worldwide Commonplace, the time period “% (m/m)” is used to symbolize the mass fraction of a cloth.

Observe 2 – With certain types of samples, the check outcomes could not account quantitatively for all of the metal compounds capable of forming an ash. Some unused lubricating oils and distillate fuel oils comprise steel inorganic additives of low molecular mass (e.g.

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