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RG Petro-Machinery Group Start Cooperation With GN

RG Petro-Machinery Group is considered one of jianghan petroleum machinery plant care the most important drilling rig producer in China,as the interntional business growth of GN Solids Control brand on the planet,some of the tip customers appoint the drilling rig manufacturer to make use of GN Solids Control model for his or her mud tank system.

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For this challenge,the Indonesia buyer appoint RG Petro-Equipment to buy the Solids Management Equipments jianghan petroleum machinery plant care from GN,as they have already got 2 completed mud tank system from us.The indonesia drilling firm may be very proud of GN merchandise high quality and providers.

About RG Petro-Equipment Group
RG PETRO-Machinery (GROUP) CO. LTD is certainly one of the most important manufacturers for petroleum drilling equipment in China. Petroleum Refinery Equipment It’s a inventory firm, reorganized from Nanyang petroleum equipment plant (former No.2 Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing Plant of National Petroleum Industrial Ministry of China). As a former national technical equipment manufacturing base, authorized by former national economic and commercial committee of China, RG PETRO-Machinery (GROUP) CO.

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