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The Liquid Propane Hose Is Easy

Interactive Turbulent Tubular Reactor

A corrugated Petroleum Tank Truck Hose for the transport of mineral oil products and gas mixtures with aromatic content as much as 50%. The tube is oil resistant conductive Nitrile. The cowl is abrasion, ozone and hydrocarbon resistant neoprene. This petroleum switch hose is strengthened with high tensile steel cord, steel helix, and crossing antistatic wires.

Eagle Tank® Truck a hundred and fifty Hose – Emergency OIL VAC Hose
A Petroleum Hose to be used in tank truck, bulk petroleum stations, and in-plant oil service. The tube is oil resistant conductive Nitrile (NBR). The cover is abrasion, ozone, weather, heat and oil resistant neoprene rubber. This tank truck hose is reinforced with synthetic textile and twin helix wire.

OILFLEX 150 PSI Tank Truck Hose – Petroleum Hose
A corrugated Petroleum Hose designed for the suction and discharge applications in truck and tank automotive transfer of gasoline, oil and other petroleum-primarily based merchandise with up to 50% aromatic content. The tube is oil resistant conductive Nitrile (NBR). The cover is abrasion, ozone and hydrocarbon resistant. This tank truck hose is strengthened with high tensile textile cord and a double steel helix.

Eagle Gravity Drop (Bio-Gasoline) Hose – Tank Truck Hose
A versatile polyurethane (TPU) tank truck Gravity Drop Fuel Transfer Hose bolstered with polyester fabric and a inflexible PVC helix. It accommodates a durable multi-strand copper grounding wire embedded for safety. This petroleum hose is specially designed to handle gasoline, ethanol (Assembly ASTM D5798, D4806 or D6751 criteria), diesel and biodiesel (Assembly ASTM D5798, D4806 or D6751 criteria). This tank truck hose maintains superior flexibility even in sub-zero weather, and is much lighter than conventional TPR/rubber hoses. It has clear “See-the-flow” facet wall construction for visible confirmation the gasoline is flowing.

Gravity Gas Drop Hose – Tank Truck Hose
A Petroleum Hose designed to deliver gasoline, diesel gasoline, kerosene and fuels with aromatic content up to forty%. This tank truck hose is as much as 50% lighter than typical rubber hose and can handle greater transfer pressures. The inflexible PVC helix with “Go Glide” makes this hose straightforward to drag. It features a Safety Ohm floor wire embedded into the hose wall to help forestall the construct-up of static electricity. The wire must be secured to ground to dissipate static electricity.

Arctic® Oilfield one hundred fifty PSI Hose – Tank Truck Hose
This corrugated Petroleum Hose is designed for suction and discharge functions in truck and tank automobile transfer of gasoline, oil and different petroleum-primarily based products with up to 50% aromatic content. It’s to be used where excessive flexibility is required in low temperature. The tube is black conductive oil resistant Nitrile (NBR), and the blue cover is abrasion, ozone and hydrocarbon resistant. It’s bolstered with high tensile textile cords and a extremely versatile steel helix. This tank truck hose can handle temperatures as low as -65°F (-54°C)!

Eagle O.S.& D.® Hose – Petroleum Hose
This JGB Petroleum Hose Assembly is designed for oil and water suction and supply service. It is hydro-examined at 1.5 instances working pressure following U.S.C.G. certification requirements. The couplings on this Oil Suction and Discharge Hose meeting are built-in pipe flanges fastened x floating (ANSI B16.5). The tube is oil and gasoline resistant conductive nitrile (NBR) designed to be used with as much as 50% aromatics. The cover is oil, weather and ozone resistant, cloth impression synthetic rubber. It’s bolstered with multiple high tensile artificial tire cords (polyester cords) with a steel wire helix.

Composite Hose – Petroleum Hose
This composite Petroleum Hose is for handling the suction and discharge of gasoline, diesel gasoline, paraffin, kerosene, lubricating oils, 100% aromatics, black oils and heavy lubricants and solvents. The petroleum hose meeting is good for loading and unloading barges, ocean tankers and bunkering providers, and different dockside operations. The composite hose carcass is constructed of multiple layers of polypropylene fabric, movie and polyester barrier layers. The cowl is abrasion resistant PVC impregnated fabric. It’s reinforced with high tensile energy galvanized inner and outer wire. This powerful PVC outer cowl is resistant to dragging wear, abrasion, UV and ozone. Electrical continuity is achieved by the 2 wires bonded to the end fitting. This helps dissipate accumulated charge and avoids static flash.

Curb Pump Petroleum Hose
Farm Pump Hose / Gravity Tank Fuel Hose – Sequence 7174

Farm Pump Hose / Gravity Tank Gas Hose is designed for low pressure gravity stream dispensing or transfer of refined fuels similar to biodiesel (to B20 in dedicated service), diesel, ethanol, gasoline and oil from drums, gravity feed farm pumps, hand pumps, skid tanks and storage tanks where Underwriters Laboratories (UL) itemizing isn’t required. The softwall development incorporates a number of textile plies of reinforcement for flexibility. The cowl is resistant to abrasion, oil and ozone.

Eagleflo® Hardwall Gasoline Curb Pump Hose


Dispensing of every type of economic gasolines, or different petroleum primarily based merchandise, from service station pumps. A heavy obligation Hardwall Curb Pump Hose which doesn’t collapse in reel use or behind the nozzle in heavy responsibility service. This Curb Pump Hose is out there in shorter lengths as Whip hose – Breakaway.

Flexsteel Futura Vapor Help Hose

This Co-ax Vapor Restoration Petroleum Hose is for Stage II Vacuum Assist Systems where a pump within the dispenser pulls the gasoline vapors away from the car fill pipe during fueling. The wire-braid development for the gas hose gives glorious kink resistance, low computer creep and lengthy service life. Flexsteel® Futura™ Vapor Assist Hose is UL 330 accepted.

Maxxim Premier Plus Vapor Restoration Hose
Maxxim™ Premier Plus Petroleum Hose incorporates a Venturi pump within the protected confines of the inside gas hose coupling to maintain the vapor path open in the outer hose. As gasoline flows via the Venturi pump, gasoline accumulating in the underside loop of the vapor hose is collected and returned to the gasoline hose. Maxxim Premier Plus Petroleum Hose is C.A.R.B. EVR and UL 330 accepted.

Maxxim Premier Vapor Recovery Hose
CO-AX VAPOR Restoration HOSE

Maxxim™ Premier Petroleum Hose is for Stage II Steadiness Techniques where the gasoline vapors from the fill pipe are pushed again by the outer hose. The outer vapor hose has a textile-strengthened thermoplastic layer over a wire helix. The textile-reinforced thermoplastic cowl has maximum puncture resistance, stable dimensions and lengthy service life. The wire braid construction for the gas hose gives wonderful kink resistance and low pc creep. Maxxim™ Premier Hose is C.A.R.B. and UL 330 approved.

Lightweight Gravity Drop Hose
Kanapower (ST120 LT) Gravity Drop Hose

Tank Truck Drop Hose with static grounding wire; 50% lighter than conventional rubber hose.
This lightweight and flexible gasoline tank truck gravity drop Petroleum Hose is for such objects as: naphtha, kerosene, gentle and heavy oil, diesel up to 15% ethanol mixture. This Gravity Drop Hose / Tank Truck Hose is not for Biodiesel.

Spiralite 5000 Gravity Drop Hose
Tank Drop Hose with Static Wire

This Petroleum Hose is engineered with NBR tube & cover for the strain, keystone petroleum equipment gravity circulate or suction motion of gasoline and petroleum based mostly products with an aromatic content material not to exceed 50%. This tank truck hose is manufactured to offer – Further Sturdiness and Abrasion resistance; Excessive Resistance to gasoline and natural parts corresponding to ozone weather cracking; Mild weight for ease of dealing with; Features a static conductive tube and copper static wire.

Tigerflex Tigerdrop Clear / Collection TDH Gravity Drop Hose
Biofuel Compatible Hose

This lightweight, flexible, and durable Petroleum Hose is a revolutionary fuel transfer hose specially engineered to resist the added pressure brought on by the ever-widening market use of the brand new excessive-share blends of biofuels – ethanol and biodiesel – whereas maintaining superior reliability transferring traditional petroleum primarily based fuels – gasoline and diesel. This tank truck hose is engineered for Tank truck gravity drop and Terminal gasoline transfer purposes.

Corrugated Rubber Drop Hose
Transporter FLEX-Satan Petroleum Drop Hose

This Petroleum Drop Hose is a switch hose for gasoline, a wide range of oils and chemicals and petroleum based products. This petroleum transfer hose is made from special rubber compounds that produce an exceptional lightweight and flexible hose for use in temperatures down to -40°F (-40°C). Rated at full vacuum (30″Hg), Flex-Devil Petroleum Drop Hose is suitable with gasoline grades as much as 50% aromatic content and MRBE/unleaded blends as much as 15% MTBE. This tank truck hose accepts a variety of coupling sorts: swaged crimped, internally expanded or banded shank.

Red Flextra one hundred Petroleum Drop Hose
This Petroleum Hose is for the switch of ethanol blends, gasoline and other petroleum-based mostly products beneath strain, gravity circulation or full-suction the place maximum flexibility is required. Thispetroleum transfer hose has high oil resistance (RMA Class A).

Fuel Grasp 100SD Petroleum Drop Hose
This Petroleum Hose is for the transfer of refined fuels (commercial gasoline and diesel fuel), oils and other petroleum merchandise. This Petroleum Drop Hose is ideal for oilfield service truck use. Service life of transfer hoses could be extended by draining hoses after use. Petroleum Transfer Hoses could also be used with all grades of bio-diesel provided that the exposure is intermittent and the hose is drained between makes use of.

Bobcat LT Mild Weight Petroleum Drop Hose
This Petroleum Transfer Hose is for the switch and blending of petroleum merchandise. Transfer of petroleum crude oil. Loading or unloading, pumping, suction, or gravity stream discharge. This corrugated hose is flexible and simple to handle.

Vapor Recovery Hose
Kanavapor (ST120 VP) Hose

This Petroleum Hose is the Gasoline vapor restoration hose. Gasoline vapor restoration solely, not for use with petroleum liquids. Nitrile rubber, inflexible PVC helix, clean bore, corrugated O.D. static grounding wire.

Gas Oil Delivery Hose
Redwing Fuel Oil Supply Hose

Redwing® Gas Oil Supply Hose is for transfer and supply of fuel oil and petroleum merchandise for house delivery, commercial and industrial service. Redwing Gas Oil Oil Delivery Hose has two textile braids. The braided construction reduces kinking and twisting when reeling. The graceful cowl has low drag resistance.

Fuel Master™ Supply 200D Hose
This Petroleum Hose is really useful for transferring gas oils, diesel gas or industrial gasolines in functions at temperatures as low as -40°F (-40°C). It is appropriate with bio-diesel fuels as much as B20. This gasoline supply hose will stay versatile to -20°F (-29°C). It is sweet for dwelling and heavy-responsibility business service the place an abrasion resistant and a non-marking cover is required.

Scorching Tar & Asphalt Hose
Stainless Steel Sizzling Oil Jumper Hose

This Scorching Tar & Asphalt Petroleum Hose is used when temperature extremes, corrosive media, or permeation preclude the use of rubber, PTFE, or plastic hose. To be used in steel making, chemical processing, paper manufacturing, petroleum refining, and in lots of other industrial applications.

Black Cat Sizzling Tar and Asphalt Hose
This Sizzling Tar & Asphalt Petroleum Hose is for the suction and discharge of asphalt and tar in buildings, mobile machinery and equipment akin to pavers, rail switch, and vehicles that decide-up and deliver tar and asphalt. This Scorching Tar and Asphalt Hose has fiberglass reinforcement and can be used in more numerous purposes than aggressive merchandise because it could handle greater temperatures (350ºF, 400ºF intermittent) and pressures (200 psi).

Scorching Tar Pumping Hose (1″ HandHose)
This Hot Tar Pumping Petroleum Hose is for conveying sizzling tar and asphalt in street projects.This Hot Tar Pumping Petroleum Hose can be for conveying sizzling tar for roof development. It is abrasion, oil, heat, and weather resistant and handles intermittent temperatures of hot tar as much as 400ºF.

Metallic Hot Tar & Asphalt Hose
TAR & ASPHALT (Roughbore) Petroleum Hose is Hose Master’s heavy-weight interlocked metallic hose. Constructed from a single strip of galvanized steel with Hose Grasp’s proprietary packing, this steel hose is used for transferring high-temperature, viscous fluids. Tar & Asphalt hose is leak-resistant and handles maximum suction. This petroleum hose is design-tested to 100 psi and has a temperature vary of -40º F. to 500º F.

Liquid Propane Hose (LPG Hose)
LP Gas Hose UL21 CGA Sort 1 / Series 7132 Spiral

Series 7132 is a flexible, lightweight liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)/propane Supply and Switch Hose. This Liquid Propane Hose meets all Underwriters Laboratories (UL21) and Canadian Gasoline Affiliation (CGA Sort I) necessities. The construction incorporates a number of textile plies of reinforcement for flexibility and kink resistance. The perforated cowl is resistant to mild chemicals, oil and ozone. Series 7132 is offered in long lengths on reels, lengthy reduce lengths and factory-tested assemblies from inventory in standard configurations. This Liquid Propane hose is suitable for bobtail supply, grills & cookers, or heaters.

LP350 Butane-Propane – 3220LP – 3320 Liquid Propane Hose
Liquid or gaseous propane, butane or any combination of these two mixtures. This Liquid Propane Hose can be used for pure fuel (to not exceed 50 psi) below certain conditions akin to: open/outdoors areas and well ventilated manufacturing unit buildings (if local constructing codes permit).

LP Gasoline Hose UL21 / Sequence 7231
Series 7231 is a large diameter, extremely durable liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)/propane transfer hose for bulk loading/unloading and vibration-resistant onboard automobile connections. This Liquid Propane Hose meets all Underwriters Laboratories (UL21) requirements and Canadian Gasoline Association (CGA Type I) necessities. The development incorporates excessive tensile corrosion resistant stainless steel braided reinforcement for superior strength, sturdiness and kink resistance. The perforated hose cowl is resistant to mild chemicals, oil and ozone. Series 7231 is out there in long lengths and manufacturing unit-tested assemblies in well-liked configurations. Applications for this petroleum hose embody bulk loading and unloading of liquid propane fuel, and in-plant tank switch. Additionally it is appropriate to be used in petrochemical refineries.

Type seventy five Butane-Propane Thermocure Liquid Propane Hose
Sort seventy five Butane-Propane hose is particularly designed for transferring liquefied propane fuel from bulk storage tank vehicles or cylinders or from bobtails trucks to dwelling storage tanks. The black hose cover on the sort seventy five hose resists oil, snagging and abrasion. This hose has been pin-pricked to permit gasoline diffusion. The Liquid Propane Hose is smooth, making it a drivers’ alternative.

Polar-Flex / CGA Type 1 Butane-Propane Thermocure Hose
Polar-Flex Hose is a chilly weather hose particularly engineered for use in transferring liquefied petroleum gases at peak effectivity even in excessive sub-zero temperatures. Polar-Flex Butane-Propane Thermocure Hose is good for shifting propane or butane from bulk storage to tank vehicles or cylinders or from bobtails trucks to residential dwelling storage tanks.

*Hoses are tagged, tested, and serialized to the DOT specification with an HTR report.
Aircraft Refueling Hose

Benefit® Aircraft Fueling Hose
Benefit® Aircraft Fueling Hose is for over and below the wing fueling of economic and personal aircraft. This Aircraft Fueling Hose handles jet gasoline and av-gas as much as 50% aromatic content. Custom lengths are available for this hose.

Jet Ranger Aircraft Refueling Hose
Jet Ranger Petroleum Hose is used within the fueling and defueling of commercial and private aircraft. This Aircraft Fueling Hose is resistant to jet gasoline and better aromatic aviation gasolines. It is also to be used on hydrant service. Meets each API 1529-6th edition, 2005 and European Commonplace BS EN 1361; 2004.

Wingcraft Aircraft Refueling Hose
Wingcraft Petroleum Hose is for fueling or defueling industrial and non-public aircraft. This Aircraft Fueling Hose handles jet fuel and the higher aromatic aviation gasolines. Its high working stress permits use in fuel cart United hydrant service. This Aircraft Refueling Hose meets API Bulletin 1529-6th version, 2005 and N.F.P.A. Bulletin #407 (2007 revision).

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