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How To repair A Leaking Shower Faucet

Before everything, lower off the water provide to laffan refinery company limited jobsdb the shower. If you can’t find the knob for that exact water pipe, by no means thoughts. Minimize off the main water supply as an alternative.
Once you have shut off the water supply, open the faucet and let the water remaining within the pipe drain out by the shower head. After all the water has been drained out, you possibly can transfer on to the subsequent step.
Now, you’ll want to remove the faucet handle. All handles have a screw, which is either superficial or concealed. Look around and locate the handle screw. Using the adjustable wrench, gently unscrew the handle. Taping the tip of the wrench with some duct tape can help in defending the handle from creating scratch marks.
Upon getting eliminated the handle, inspect it thoroughly. Use the dry cloth to wash the insides of the handle and take away all traces of accumulated dirt and grime.
Now, inspect the insides of the faucet. Generally, leakage is prompted attributable to:- worn out rubber washers
worn out O-rings
unfastened valves
worn out threading
large-scale put on and tear of inner components.

We are going to take a look at all these doable factors one after the other. First examine the valve. If you discover it slightly unfastened, strive tightening it with the assistance of pliers. Re-attach the handle, screw it in and check the faucet. If the leakage has stopped, your job is done, else transfer on to the following step.
Inspect the rubber washer. From no matter little plumbing experience that I have, I have seen that the majority faucet leakages are brought on by worn out washers and threads. Just looking at the washer itself will provide you with a good idea of whether or not it is in good situation or not. Substitute the worn out washer with a new one among the identical size and thickness.
If you discover that the threading has loosened or has worn out, remove it and exchange it with common plumbing threads. Ensure you wrap it tightly around the stem or else it may get entangled with another inside parts.
Next, you should study the O-ring. Exchange it with a new one if it appears worn out.
For good measure, apply a coat of sealant on the threads of the valve whereas placing it back in place. Additionally, apply a skinny layer of grease or petroleum jelly on the threads of the handle earlier than screwing it again on.
Watch for about an hour or so so that the sealant will get sufficient time to dry. Turn on the shower and inspect whether the leakage still persists. If you find that there continues to be a bit of laffan refinery company limited jobsdb leakage, it’s advisable that you’re taking the help of knowledgeable plumber for additional repairs.

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