Life Under The Ocean’s Surface Wholly Depends on How We Reside Above It

Bending machineWild fish caught for human consumption typically has a excessive collateral damage referred to as bycatch. In the case of tropical shrimp, that bycatch can outweigh the catch of shrimp eight to one or more. Turtles, sharks, seabirds and other species are all victims of this bycatch.
A few of our fishing methods, equivalent to bottom trawling, can harm fragile ocean ecosystems. So-called ghost gear, or discarded nets and other fishing gear, retains fishing lengthy after being lost at sea.
30% of all wild-caught fish is floor up into fish meal and fish oil to feed farmed fish (at a fantastic lack of protein and energy).
Unsustainable fish farming strategies can have enormous impacts on the oceans from land clearing, loss of important habitats (like mangroves) and discharge of wastes.
World seafood manufacturing is a classic instance of a non-sustainable world economic system steadily eroding the oceans.

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