List Of Countries By Oil Consumption

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In 2010, world power consumption of refined products elevated three.8%;[2] which was the primary increase since 2004. In accordance with Enerdata, this development was supported by fast-growing demand for street and air transport, particularly in creating nations. In China, demand for refined products surged by 12% attributable to increasing needs. Asia accounted for greater than 40% of the general improve in consumption.

In Latin America, demand rose sharply by 5.7%, representing 13% of the rise. In CIS, consumption grew by 7.3% (eight.9% in Russia), while rising four.2% in the Middle East (driven by Saudi Arabia and Kuwait). Every area contributed eight% to the general enhance.

Regardless of this growth, the US stays by far the largest consumer of oil, consuming more than China in 2010. China could overtake the US around 2030. “BP Energy Outlook 2035” gasification (PDF). p. 38.


It is a list of countries by oil consumption. [3][4]

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