Local weather Change This Week: Killer Crops, No More Fossil Gas Subsidies, And More!

A Simple And Good Means To fix Climate Change given by Dan Miller in 2014 at a Ted talk suggests a technique to profit as we sort out climate change, by lastly charging those that sell and use fossil fuels – and distributing the revenues back to all of us.

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The strategy is sure to speed transition to scrub renewable vitality. What’s not to love? Check it out!


Because the World Warms, Wildfires Worsen Warming in Alaska and elsewhere, as illustrated in this graph of rising global temperatures. Credit score Jill Pelto at www.jillpelto.com

OO Spike In Alaska Wildfires Is Worsening Global Warming US says, even worse than anticipated, say US government researchers.

The sharp spike in Alaska’s wildfires, where more than 5 million acres burned final yr, are destroying a most important buffer towards local weather change: the carbon-wealthy boreal forests, tundra and permafrost which have served as an infinite carbon sink.

Northern wildfires should now be recognized as a big driver of local weather change – and never just a side-effect, says a brand new US Geological Survey report.

GOOD Clear News

OO Renewable Energy Surges To Report Levels Around the world
OO A primary: Creating World Invests More In Renewable Vitality
Than Wealthy Countries a new study says.

“What is really outstanding about these outcomes is that they have been achieved at a time when fossil gas prices had been at historic lows, and renewables remained at a major drawback by way of government subsidies”, notes Renewable Vitality Policy Network for the twenty first Century executive Christine Lins.

Supply www.solsystems.com

OO Global Clean Power Employment Rose 5 % In 2015 fueled by a growth in solar and wind energy jobs within the U.S. 8+ million new jobs had been created in 2015, says a global Renewable Energy Agency report.
OO Wind And Photo voltaic May Meet Nearly All Midwest Energy Needs By 2050 say researchers on the Solutions Mission, in the Stanford University’s Environment and Power Program, led by Mark Jacobson, who says each state can hit a 100 percent renewable mix by means of wind, water and photo voltaic within 35 years.
OO Iowa:A Bipartisan Push To Change into Leader In Wind Power – Because of state officials who have lengthy supported renewables, Iowa now leads all U.S. states in the proportion of its energy produced from wind.

OO Obama Group Pledges New Cash for Clean Vitality pledging, along with 20 worldwide companions, to double funding for clear energy analysis and growth, from $15 billion to $30 billion annually by the yr 2021.
OO Uber And Millennials Assist US Cities Cut Car Addiction – How? Through the growth of automotive-free houses, and increased automotive-sharing venues.
CRUISING Toward Clean Automobiles

Photo voltaic Electric Automobiles are the true clear various to fossil fueled automobiles. Source www.pvbuzz.com

OO IEA: There Are actually A million+ Electric Cars On The World’s Roads EVs are the only know-how sector out of 19 “on observe” to fulfill the International Power Company’s 2C scenarios.

But, this is only excellent news if these EVs run on clean electricity, derived from photo voltaic and wind power, for instance.
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OO Wireless Charging:
The important thing To Unlocking An Electric Vehicle Revolution and watching it take off.

Norway Fosters Love of EVs by providing incentives to purchase them. Supply inexperienced.autoblog.com

OO Norway To ‘Fully Ban All Petrol Powered Vehicles By 2025’ persevering with its development towards becoming one of the ecologically progressive international locations on the planet, in accordance with stories.

‘What an amazingly awesome nation’, Elon Musk tweeted.
OO China: The Electric Car You possibly can Charge
As Easily As Your Telephone is within the works at Chehejia (“Automotive and Residence”) company, under its youthful trailblazing head, Li Xiang. He goals to start promoting such a commuter automotive by the end of 2017.
Slicing THE Gasoline

OO G7 Nations Pledge To finish Fossil Gasoline Subsidies By 2025 – Leaders of the UK, US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the EU urge all countries to join them in eliminating assist for coal, oil and gasoline in a decade.

Nice, however not sufficient to avert worsening catastrophic local weather change.
OO Russia To Up 2030 Emissions Cuts Goal and get its companies to move on carbon pricing.
OO New York Meeting Approves Invoice To chop Emissions to Zero By 2050

Taking Motion on Climate Washington state Governor Jay Inslee is utilizing govt power to bypass an inactive legislature. Source www.huffingtonpost.com

OO Washington State Limits Carbon Pollution From Largest Sources via govt action by Governor Jay Inslee to push ahead with a binding cap on carbon emissions, after failing to get legislators to act.

Washington would join practically a dozen states together with California that have capped carbon pollution from industrial sources.

The proposed rule requires large industrial emitters to regularly reduce carbon emissions over time, and would cover many industries, including power plants, oil refineries, gas distributors, pulp and paper mills and others.
OO French Oil Large Aims To Be 20 % Low-Carbon In Investments By 2036 as a part of a radical reshaping of the overall group.

Supply www.commondreams.org

OO Scottish Parliament Votes Narrowly To Ban Fracking
OO Michigan: When Coal Plants Disappeared, So Did Demand at a giant energy utility.


OO The Pace Of Environmental Injury ‘Intensifying’ Worldwide UN company says.
“The kinds of issues are recognizable, they’re simply happening far more steadily,” stated the UN Surroundings Program’s chief scientist.

Insurance coverage Didn’t Assist Many Homeless by Sandy – many have not acquired enough compensation, despite having bought ample insurance, to return residence.

OO Superstorm Sandy Lesson:
No Actual US Disaster Security Internet – while many insurance coverage companies profited from authorities assistance, many insurance prospects didn’t. As soon as firms depleted their shared property pool, compensation stopped, despite coverage claims. Some homeless are still forced to pay mortgages on unfit properties.

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OO How Climate Change Will Destroy Our International Heritage – listed below are a number of examples:

– drowning Venice and The Statue of Liberty;
– flooding Stonehenge and the ancient statues of Easter Island;
– the devastation of our undersea coral kingdoms,
– the withering of the historic floral kingdom of South Africa;
– several research spotlight the array of threats going through 1000+ global heritage sites resulting from climate change.

Venice Supply en.venezia.net

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Stonehenge Source pinterest.com

OO From Easter Island To Stonehenge, Climate Change Threatens Iconic Tourist Sites
OO Los Angeles: Rising Seas May Swamp Crucial Infrastructure

A Spoonbill Spoons For Its Dinner within the Everglades. Supply aroundthebendohio.blogspot.com

OO Rising Seas Push An excessive amount of Salt Into The Florida Everglades and will potentially change a manner of life for hundreds of thousands of residents in South Florida who rely upon it for clean water.

Crab, Anyone? Supply www.sierraculture.com

OO Acidifying Waters Put Dungeness Crabs In danger says a brand new examine, displaying that ocean acidification, induced from CO2 dissolving into oceans, can kill and stunt younger crabs, doubtlessly jeopardizing whole populations.

The new Regular: Wading to Ship Baguettes in France. Credit score Christian Hartmann at Reuters

OO Floods Inundate France with a photo gallery graphically illustrating the consequences.
OO France Floods: Louvre To shut As Seine Rises Further – in the meantime the rest of Europe braced for extra storms and flooding.
OO Flooding Kills Dozens In Europe And Texas,
Displaces Tens Of Thousands Extra

Source www.cbsnews.com

OO Texas Flooding Kills 2, Leaves three Lacking – after a storm system as soon as again brought heavy rain and severe flooding, and quite a few rivers toward historic crests, requiring evacuation.

Thai Is Dry experiencing its worst drought in 20 years. Supply www.aljazeera.com

OO Extreme Drought In South Asia,
Warns South Asia Groundwater Forum
OO Vietnam: Drought And ‘Rice First’ Policy Imperil Farmers in addition to encroaching salt waters in the normally verdant Mekong Delta.

A Local weather Migrant in Grinding Poverty describes Abdul Aziz, holding certainly one of his children; he misplaced his dwelling to river erosion. Credit Rafiqul Islam at IPS

OO Bangladesh’s Urban Slums Swell With Climate Migrants
OO UN Envoy Warns Of Impending Sahel Local weather Disaster from a toxic mix of local weather change, environmental degradation, and rising terrorism.

CLUELESS Management

Credit score Nate Beeler on the Columbus Dispatch, modified

OO Trump Requires ‘Complete American Vitality Independence’ by eliminating a slew of environmental laws, increasing fossil fuel growth, killing the Paris local weather deal and ending U.S. reliance on OPEC. Scared but?
OO Donald Trump’s Dangerous, Nonsensical Vitality Plan Future generations will endure if he is ready to put his plan into action.
OO 5 Issues That Made No Sense In Trump’s Massive Vitality Speech Solely 5? (D)DT mentioned a lot of enjoyable things about climate and power.

OO What Trump Says About Climate Change: Nothing at the very least, not in his speeches… How’s the teleprompter lessons coming, Donny?
OO Trump Acknowledges Local weather Change — At His Golf Course – The billionaire, who referred to as international warming a hoax, warns of its dire results in his company’s application to construct a sea wall.
OO Trump Vows To solve California’s Water Crisis:
“There is no such thing as a Drought” Presto! Drawback solved.

Credit score Tom Toles on the Washington Post

OO US Republican Congress Goals To chop Local weather Science and is considering significantly chopping funds for key local weather change research by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in 2017.

Climate Management

Keep Burning, Bernie!

OO Bernie Sanders Calls for Carbon Tax;
Knocks Trump (And The Media) Over Local weather Change – he asked front-runner Hillary Clinton to join his call for a carbon tax and to shine a highlight on Donald Trump’s science-challenged ruminations in regards to the California drought, which he has mysteriously mentioned he could finish by turning “the water on.”
OOHillary Clinton Aims To boost Clean Power On Federal Land and water, pledging a tenfold boost in electricity manufacturing from sources like wind, solar and geothermal.

ELECTION 12 months:

If You do not Vote For Climate Motion, You may Forget The remainder – in a climate-changing world of famine, drought, rising seas, giant storms and heat waves, there shall be no safety in jobs, health, wealth, or national security. There will be chaos ensuing from rising crises and disasters. Vote.

OO International Warming Insurance policies We Set Right this moment Will Determine The next 10,000 Years – of global warming, a brand new examine exhibits — and whether or not our civilization survives or not: historical past exhibits that dangerous climate change has destroyed civilizations before.

This time, it might be worldwide. Let’s keep “The Starvation Games” in the realm of fiction.


GOOD Concepts

OO Want To help Combat Climate Change?
Start With Reproductive Rights – with overpopulation a key environmental concern, secure access to birth management, abortion and reproductive well being providers supply a easy resolution.

“We can not simultaneously champion preventing local weather change with out additionally preventing for the rights of women. The two are inextricably linked”, argues writer Madeleine Sommerville.

Triple Win: Utilizing Earnings to offer Needed US Household Planning – Medicines360.org is essential to creating a sustainable US inhabitants and bright futures for women – AND saving taxpayers many billions yearly in neighborhood costs by stopping unintended pregnancies. Supply medicines360.org

OO This New Neighborhood Will Develop Its Personal Food, Power Itself,
And Handle Its Own Waste ReGen Village, exterior of Amsterdam, doesn’t need a grid or meals systems. It’s a mannequin for a future, absolutely closed-loop settlement.
OO Paint Your Homes White To guard From Heatwaves,
Officials Warn – ever notice that that is already achieved on many Mediterranean islands?
OO Make Constructing Standards Prime Priority For Tackling Climate Change, says the International Energy Company chief to all governments worldwide.

Going Into Deep Space To review Local weather as this Falcon 9 satellite did for NOAA. Supply Reuters

OO World’s Space Companies Unite To Face Local weather Problem – For the first time, area businesses of 60+ countries have agreed to have interaction their satellites, to coordinate their methods and their data to monitor human-induced greenhouse gasoline emissions.


Tar Sands: Far more Harmful Air Pollution emanates from them than previously suspected.

OO New Shocking Tar Sands Affect On Climate, Air High quality Found – Canada’s tar sands production is considered one of North America’s largest sources of secondary organic aerosols, says a brand new research — air pollutants that affect the climate, cloud formation and public health.

The dimensions even shocked researchers at Setting Canada as a result of that kind of pollution is generally associated with massive cities.
OO Oil Sands Growth Makes It Almost Inconceivable For Canada To satisfy Paris Agreement Targets says a new report.
OO Canada: Firefighters Protect Explosive Oil Sands Infrastructure From Wildfire battling 1,100 C flames, and combating while surrounded by the risky, explosive chemicals and compounds essential to pumping oil.

Not Climate-Altering, However Hazardous are the sulfur dioxide emissions from each volcanoes and fossil gas actions. Credit Carmelo Imbesi at AP

OO 40+ Major New Sulfur Dioxide Pollution
Sources from Fossil Gasoline Activities – centered principally round Mideast oil and gas production areas, but in addition from energy plants worldwide.

Sulfur dioxide could cause a number of harmful health and environmental impacts and even impression the climate in sure ways, sometimes by temporarily lowering the results of global warming, despite its comparatively quick atmospheric life.

Able to Divest? Source www.thegreenmarketoracle.com

OO Fossil Gas Investments Rising Riskier For Insurers a brand new report warns. With practically $500 billion invested, a brand new analysis recommends insurance corporations take a more durable take a look at the results of climate change and a decrease-carbon future.
OO Crystal Balls, Onerous Truths Confront Bankrupt Power Corporations – robust times for fossil fuels: 3 of the four largest U.S. coal corporations are bankrupt. 70+ small oil and fuel producers have folded since 2014. Now, larger drillers have started to affix them.

Large Fireballs often form when oil trains derail, as this one did in West Virginia in 2015; it took almost every week for the uncontrollable hearth to burn out. Source The Related Press

OO Oregon: Derailment Is Newest
In String Of US Oil Train Crashes – The derailment of an oil train in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge follows a string of fiery accidents in the U.S. and Canada as shipments of crude by rail have increased with extra domestic oil production.

If we do not develop sustainably,
Our youngsters will die inhumanely.

@@ How Parents May also help Prevent Teen Pregnancy

Teen childbearing price US taxpayers $9+ Billion in 2010
And the costs of raising a child usually ensures decades, if not a life, of poverty for its mom.
– US Centers for Illness Management and Prevention

WHAT You are able to do

Assist forestall unintended pregnancies in your community:
publicize the place women can entry inexpensive contraception.

They can go here to search out areas:

And there are lots of extra actions you can do, proper right here.


Photo voltaic Keeps DANCING

OO Californians Simply Saved $192 Million Due to Efficiency and Rooftop Photo voltaic
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OO California Boasts Some of the lowest Per-Capita Energy Usage within the U.S. says a brand new report.
OO How Renewables Are Competing within the Wholesale Market Without Mandates by way of state incentives and favorable economics.