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natural gas price movement, natural gas price going down,Wisconsin based petroleum equipment company specializes in the repair and sales of used petroleum equipment.

Petroleum Gear, Inc. Milwaukee, WI Since 1932

Welcome to Petroleum Equipment, Inc.
Petroleum Equipment, Inc. is a frontrunner in petrochemical system design, sales and service in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area since 1932. We now have the expertise and gear to design and install full methods for bulk chemical and petroleum storage as well as distant tank screens, vehicle lifting and lubrication. We design, set up and repair business and industrial gasoline and chemical storage and handling techniques for automotive, marine and aviation functions. We install and remove aboveground and underground storage tank systems.

Eighty Years Expertise and Counting
Established in 1932 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Petroleum Equipment, Inc. is a third-era family-owned business celebrating its 85 12 months anniversary in 2017. Our staff has a combined natural gas price going down one hundred twenty+ years of expertise within the design, set up and service of petroleum equipment and storage tank systems. Our personnel are OSHA natural gas price going down skilled and manufacturer certified to install and service storage tanks, piping, electronics and tank displays.

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