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Chemical Composition Of Petroleum

Petroleum or crude oil is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons and different chemicals. The composition varies widely depending on the place and the way the petroleum was formed. In fact, a chemical analysis can be utilized to fingerprint the supply of the petroleum. However, uncooked petroleum or crude oil has characteristic properties and composition.

Hydrocarbons in Crude Oil
There are 4 major kinds of hydrocarbons found in crude oil.

1. paraffins (15-60%)
naphthenes (30-60%)
aromatics (3-30%)
2. asphaltics (remainder)
The hydrocarbons primarily are alkanes, cycloalkanes, and aromatic hydrocarbons.

Elemental Composition of Petroleum
Although there may be appreciable variation between the ratios of natural natural gas prices cme molecules, the elemental composition of petroleum is nicely-outlined:

    Carbon – 83 to 87%
    Hydrogen – 10 to 14%
    Nitrogen – 0.1 to 2%
    Oxygen – 0.05 to 1.5%
    Sulfur – 0.05 to six.0%
    Metals – < 0.1%

The most typical metals are iron, nickel, copper, and vanadium.
Petroleum Color and Viscosity

The shade and viscosity of petroleum vary markedly from one place to another. Most petroleum is darkish brown or blackish in color, nevertheless it also occurs in inexperienced, natural gas prices cme purple, or yellow.

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