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Moyers And McKibben: Time Is Operating Out For The Planet

McKibben: Sure, Shell Oil. It was insane. Scientists had said, “If you keep burning coal and fuel and oil, you’ll melt the Arctic.” After which the Arctic melted just as they had predicted. Did Shell Oil look on the melt and say, “Huh, possibly we should always go new energy works employment into the photo voltaic-panel enterprise as a substitute ” No, Shell Oil checked out that and mentioned, “Oh, nicely, now that it’s melted it is going to be simpler to drill for extra oil up there.” That’s sufficient to make you doubt about the large brain being a great adaptation, no But after they started to take their large — and that i imply large — drill rig up there to the Arctic from the harbor in Seattle, 1000’s of people in small craft came out on the water to dam it. We referred to as them kayaktavists. And they did so much brand harm to Shell that before the summer was out, Shell threw up its palms and said, “You new energy works employment know what We’re out of the Arctic drilling business,” and walked away from their $7 billion investment. Typically people can stand as much as the monolith. We just better figure out easy methods to do it effectively and quick.

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