No, Trump Is not going to Make Things Higher. This is Why

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Second, many of the dying industries on this nation have refused to evolve together with our ever-altering world. The vehicle and oil & gas industries are shining examples of such obstinance. Instead of creating vehicles of the future, auto manufacturers have refused to modernize. Thus, today’s tech giants are pioneering the way forward for journey. See Google’s self-driving automotive, or Tesla’s electric autos, or Lyft’s journey-sharing public transit. You won’t find a Hummer or oversized SUV in your children’s future. Likewise, except you live in California, you won’t discover a job in tomorrow’s automotive industry either. The gasoline guzzling automobile’s days are numbered, which leads us back to Oil & Fuel: Instead of exploring different fuels for a safer, more sustainable society, like Jimmy Carter urged again within the late 1970s, the oil trade (and the politicians they’ve poisoned) choose to fund terrorists teams, destroy the planet, and enrich administrations and their cronies, all to ensure their enterprise mannequin isn’t compromised. So what if Louisiana is losing a football area worth of wetlands per hour resulting from coastal erosion? Or that the only sensible means to respond to 9/11 was to finish our addiction to oil so as to cut off terroristsmoney provide? We wouldn’t want our billion-dollar oil trade and their political dynasties downgraded to millionaire-status, would we?