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Climate Change This Week: The Melting Third Pole, Politics’ Local weather Clash, And Extra!

Triple Win: Utilizing Earnings to provide Wanted US Household Planning – is essential to creating a sustainable US population and vibrant futures for women – AND saving taxpayers many billions yearly in group costs by preventing unintended pregnancies. Source

Local weather CHANGE Prices
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OO Southern Africa: Herdsmen To Central Bankers Depend Drought Cost
For Years To come back as drought wiped out livestock, pushed up meals costs and triggered energy shortages and protests.
OO France To Assist Grain Farmers After Crops Hit By Torrential Rains and lack of sunshine in late spring.

@@ A Easy And Smart Way To fix Local weather Change given by Dan Miller in 2014 at a Ted discuss suggests a method to revenue as we sort out climate change, by lastly charging those who sell and use fossil fuels – and distributing the revenues back to all of us.

The technique is certain to speed transition to wash renewable energy. What’s not to love Check it out!

Changing Seas Are Altering Fish like this Ocellated Wrasse. Credit Natascia Tamburello, University of Palermo

OO Climate Pollution Can Change Fish Mating Behaviors – exacerbating stresses on whole ocean ecosystems, already burdened by overfishing, warming, acidifying waters and plastic and oil pollution.

OO Lake Tahoe, CA, Is Warming At Alarming Charge,
Reflecting Rapid Sierra Local weather Change and is displaying some extreme impacts from the altering local weather.

Local weather Change in Action – runoff from a melting Tibetan glacier. Credit score Wayne McAllister

OO Melting Tibetan Ice Sheet Threatens 1+ Billion Individuals in Asia – Takeaways:
– the most important ice sheet exterior the North and South Poles;
– aka the Third Pole, it is the source of Asia’s 10 largest rivers, and their fertile deltas.
– Additionally it is a significant engine of world weather.

– These rivers and deltas help 1+billion people in
– China, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan.

Measuring the Melt Chinese scientists have bee monitoring the area for several years. Credit score Wayne McAllister

– The Third Pole has heated 1.5 C (3 F) in 50 years;
– 500 glaciers have disappeared and the biggest are melting quickly,
– Far faster than anticipated.

Watering Desert Oases Tibetan glaciers are also supplying water to 56 million individuals alongside a part of the historic silk street in China. Credit score Wayne McAllister

– Initially, the melt will provide extra water, but
– Over the next 30 years it will decrease,
– Drastically affecting agriculture in Asia,
– And affecting weather globally.

Obtained Enough Pipelines But It is a 2012 US pipeline map. Source US Dept of Transportation
OO Pipeline Expansion Threatens US Local weather Objectives,
Research Says – pumping natural gasoline from the Appalachian fracking hub to customers all through the japanese U.S. commits the nation to high carbon emissions.
OO Texas: Massive Coal’s Tax Dodge Puts Schools, Hospitals In Dire Straits

Speaking OUT
Following the Coal Pollution Sierra Club kayakers have been protesting it for years. Source

OO Environmentalists Blast TVA Plan To go away Coal north american oil production Ash At Power Plants
OO Environmentalists Goal One other TransCanada Proposed Pipeline that could ship hundreds of supertankers laden with crude oil down the Atlantic coast to refineries in Texas and Louisiana.

Maintaining It Lovely A Colorado-based nonprofit, the Conservation Lands Basis, has helped the Bureau of Land Management, the nation’s largest landlord, conserve and maintain its holdings.

– helped push President Obamas to create four million, principally BLM acres of Nationwide Monuments;
– created several “buddies” groups to assist BLM conserve its lands;

– helped market BLM’s National north american oil production Conservation Lands
– help distract BLM from acceding to commercial exploitation of its resources
– helped up donations to the BLM

Bob Inglis Supply
OO Ex Republican Congressman: His Celebration’s
Denial of Local weather Science
is ‘Courting Catastrophe’ With Voters says Bob Inglis of Interactive Turbulent Tubular Reactor South Carolina. The place is “out of step with where the science is and where the smart money is [which] is already moving to act on climate.”

OO European Offshore Wind Funding Hits €14 Billion In 2016
OO Rockefeller Fund Divests From Fossil Fuels,
Now Invests In Renewables – providing $10 million to Mainstream Renewable Power Ltd. to develop renewable energy in Africa.. The investment will assist finance as a lot as $1.9 billion for green power in Africa.
OO Chicago, IL: RedWave Energy Raises $5.5 Million to show Heat Into Electricity

OO Molten Storage and Thermophotovoltaics Provide New Photo voltaic Energy Pathway – by capturing heat from thermal photo voltaic plants and storing it in liquid metal, for final conversion to electricity. The estimated prices can be a magnitude decrease than turbine conversion programs, suggests a new examine.

Climate Leadership
OO GOP And Democratic Platforms Spotlight Stark Variations On Energy And Local weather – Takeaways:

– Republicans embrace fossil fuels,
– Democrats push for climate motion.
– Legislators are inclined to hew to celebration platforms.

A Stark, Clear Difference in the 2 main candidates: one will act on local weather change, the other’s insurance policies will contribute to it.

Related Headlines:
OO Climate Change Divide Bursts To Forefront In Presidential Campaign – Hillary Clinton highlights her plans to combat international warming. Donald J. Trump dismisses the science as a hoax.
OO Clear Vitality Groups See Opportunities In Clinton’s Jobs Plan

OO EPA Discovering Clears Manner For Restrict On Aircraft Local weather Altering Emissions
ELECTION 12 months:

If You do not Vote For Climate Motion, You can Overlook The rest – in a local weather-altering world of famine, drought, rising seas, giant storms and heat waves, there might be no safety in jobs, well being, wealth, or national security. There can be chaos ensuing from increasing crises and disasters. Vote.

OO World Warming Policies We Set In the present day Will Decide The subsequent 10,000 Years – of world warming, a new study reveals — and whether or not our civilization survives or not: history shows that dangerous local weather change has destroyed civilizations before.

This time, it may very well be worldwide. Let’s keep “The Starvation Video games” within the realm of fiction.
@@ The price of Unintended Pregnancy: Too Young

Teen childbearing value US taxpayers $9+ Billion in 2010
And the prices of elevating a toddler usually ensures many years, if not a life, of poverty for its mom.
– US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Help stop unintended pregnancies in your community:
publicize the place ladies can entry reasonably priced contraception.

They’ll go right here to seek out places:

clobenzin factory

Solar Retains FLYING

Spanish Eagle Patrol Salutes Solar Airplane Supply Solar Impulse
OO Solar-Powered Airplane Completes Historic Journey Around the globe utilizing solely photo voltaic power. Though mechanical setbacks meant all the journey spanned over a 12 months:

– The plane flew 23 days in 17 phases nearly 27,000 miles;
– Solar powered by day, it glided by evening.

“I’m positive that inside 10 years we’ll see electric airplanes transporting 50 passengers on short to medium haul flights,” stated co-pilot Bertrand Piccard.

OO Minnesota: ‘Worth of Solar’ Beneficial properties One other Foothold
– Avoided transmission investments,
– Optimistic health and environmental impacts of unpolluted energy
– Helping the grid on sunny days when further power is often wanted.

The state is the first to undertake a VOS approach for figuring out how much neighborhood solar customers shall be paid for the power their projects produce.

Day by day Local weather Change: World Map of Unusual Temperatures, Aug eleven, 2016
Wanting above at recent temperature anomalies, a lot of the US and the waters surrounding it are experiencing warmer than regular temperatures: despite north american oil production cool surface temperatures, the drought continues in California.

Every single day is Earth Day, people, as I was reminded by this wild flower I photographed one spring. Making the U.S. a global clear vitality leader will ensure a heck of much more jobs, and a clean, safe future. If you’d like to join the rising numbers of people that need to inform Congress that they will vote for clean power candidates you’ll be able to achieve this right here. It’s our manner of letting Congress know there’s a strong clear energy voting bloc on the market. For more detailed summaries of the above and other local weather change objects, audio podcasts and texts are freely available.