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What Are The foremost Commodity Exchanges All over the world

There are not less than a dozen major exchanges that northwest natural gas springfield oregon function a marketplace for commodities worldwide. Each of these concentrate on sure commodities, whereas others trade in entire completely different set. The next is a brief history of those exchanges:

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1) Chicago Board of Commerce (CBOT): This commodity exchange was established in 1848. It trades in monetary and agricultural contracts. Initially this trade solely traded agricultural commodities equivalent to corn, soybeans and wheat. Now, it presents futures and options contracts on a wide range of merchandise including silver, gold, vitality and U.S. Treasury bonds. In recent years, the CBOT has added digital trading features, which is remarkably totally different from the sooner open auction market. On 10/18/2005, the Chicago Board of Commerce offered an preliminary public offering on the NYSE. Its listed below the ticker symbol “BOT”.