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How Low Will Crude Oil Prices Go

Today crude oil hit a brand new yearly low as soon as once more. Back in June I warned that commodities have been in a bubble that looked ready to pop. Sure enough, the bubbles had been pricked in July and it has been down, down, down ever since for the whole commodity complicated.

And on October tenth, when oil was nonetheless near eighty dollars a barrel, I said the following:

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“Some consider inflation will come roaring again due to the Fed action of pumping huge quantities of money into the system and commodities will undergo the roof. However with out some sort of true catastrophe that halts our regular provides I think will probably be some time before that happens as these bubbles have burst.”

“But with world economies slowing market forces are now placing downward stress on the worth of oil and more than likely it should drift decrease for a minimum of the subsequent few months with occasional rallies as is the case in all bear markets.”

Now crude oil is 44 dollars nymex crude oil historical a barrel after hitting an all time high of 147 in July. So in lower than 5 months it has misplaced about 70% of its value. Humorous, I have not heard anyone screaming about how it’s going to quickly be at 200 dollars a barrel lately.

With economies world wide collapsing and demand for oil drying up the price of crude is in a really highly effective downtrend. I might urge you to be very careful about attempting to nymex crude oil historical call a bottom and go lengthy in oil futures at this level. But going short at these levels might be harmful too.

All bear markets have some sharp rallies along the way, but a development this highly effective will seemingly not be turned round in a single day with out some critical supply disruptions or other catastrophes that change the dynamics of this market.

Eventually oil costs could rise once more as a consequence of a falling dollar because we printed trillions of dollars for bailouts, but in the meantime those attempting to trade this market will be whipsawed out of their positions and lose a lot of money.

Bubbles are actually ugly once they break and the underlying inventory or commodity usually goes much decrease than anyone can think about. So just because oil is low now does not mean it cannot go lower, and probably it’ll before that is over.

At the identical time it is oversold to the point that brief masking rallies may very well be large and power even more shorts to cowl their position at a loss. The simple money on the brief side has already been made; from here on in it is a giant danger to commerce both aspect of the market.

Backside Line: Oil will most likely go even decrease still before that is over. It wouldn’t shock me to see crude oil under $30 a barrel barring some provide shock before it bottoms. However, as we get nearer to the underside there may even likely be some extreme volatility along the way that may make it difficult for longs or shorts to generate profits until they enter and exit trades at exactly the best time.

This my buddy is commonly simpler stated than completed. See a couple of busted bubble charts below.