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7 Skin Savers That are not Vaseline

Each winter we all the time hear about a magical product that seems to be the key to everyone’s dry pores and skin — and no, it is not coconut oil. ice machine installation At this point, you already know occidental petroleum investor presentation center what we’re talking about, but we would as effectively identify it: Vaseline.

From head to toe, the petroleum-primarily based method helps our skin get well from cracked heels, harsh winds and extreme nostril blowing. Yet as wonderfully useful as it is, Vaseline isn’t the one magical balm out there.

So, if you are sick of that vast tub of clear gunk, occidental petroleum investor presentation center otherwise you just wish to try something new, listed below are some products that it is best to introduce to your moisturizing routine. And don’t worry, your head, shoulders, knees and toes will still survive by means of the season.