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How Do Humans Get Vitality

Which is an example of a fossil gasoline
a. petroleum gasoline
b. water
c. wind
d. heat
2. Which of these vitality sources is renewable
a. oil
b. coal
c. pure gas
d. water
3. Why is it higher to sue renewable vitality sources than nonrenewable vitality sources, like fossil fuels

Four. How do humans get power
a. running
b. leaping
c. eating
d. sitting
5. Burning wood, coal, or oil releases what kind of vitality
a. chemical power
b. light vitality
c. solar power
d. geothermal energy
6. Which kind of energy comes from the solar
a. windmill power
b. biomass power
c. conduction
d. photo voltaic vitality
7. In case you are stirring boiling water on the stove, a metal spoon will get hotter than a wood spoon. Why is that this
a. convection
b. conduction
c. radiation
d. hydroelectric

    Vitality is the flexibility to do _____________________________.
    This is the heat vitality that’s produced by pure processes inside of the earth. It may be taken from hot springs, reservoirs, sizzling water deep beneath the bottom, or by breaking open the rock itself.

a. solar vitality
b. potential power
c. geothermal power
d. biomass vitality
10. Hydroelectric vitality is run by _______________.
a. fireplace
b. water
c. wind
d. chemicals
eleven. Sitting at the highest of a slide, before you slide down, you’re experiencing any such power:
a. kinetic vitality
b. conduction
c. potential energy
d. chemical vitality
12. The only form of transferring heat energy that doesn’t have to straight touch something is:
a. radiation
b. conduction
c. convection
d. fossil fuels

thirteen. Any such power is transferred by a distinction in temperature.
a. mild power
b. heat power
c. geothermal power
d. solar energy
14. A machine that runs on the energy generated by a wheel of adjustable blades or slats rotated by the __________ is a(n) ____________.
a. wind; airplane
b. sun; photo voltaic
c. water; hydroelectric
d. wind; windmill
15. This is the one seen form of power:
a. photo voltaic
b. gentle
c. heat
d. chemical
16. This is finished when a power (which is normally a push or pull) is moved by a distance.
a. Point energy
b. work
c. power
d. radiation
17. If you are skiing down a snow covered hill, you might be experiencing this sort of power:
a. potential power
b. chemical power
c. biomass oil and gas news in indonesia energy
d. kinetic vitality
18. Jumping up and down is an instance of the sort of vitality; all shifting objects produce this type of energy.
a. hydroelectric oil and gas news in indonesia energy
b. mechanical power
c. mild vitality
d. heat power
19. This is the switch oil and gas news in indonesia of heat in air or a fluid by currents.
a. convection
b. conduction
c. radiation
d. kinetic
20. You can get biomass power from which of the following: