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Tydol Oil Refinery

Tidewater Oil Company (Tydol) was a significant petroleum refining and advertising and marketing firm in the U.S. for greater than 80 years. Tidewater was finest recognized for its Flying A-branded products and gas stations, and for oil and natural gas book Veedol motor oil, which oil and natural gas book was recognized throughout the world.

Tidewater, a national company, constructed this refinery in the Drumright area. The refinery was the center of the Tydol neighborhood, spawning a school home, grocery store and neighborhoods. When the Tydol refinery closed, most of the homes were moved out or torn oil and natural gas book down. The Tydol neighborhood virtually disappeared with the exception of the college home.

All that continues to be of the refinery are a few buildings, foundations and heat exchanger mass production furnaces. All of the processing items have been eliminated.