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Gorgeous Counter Tops Which might be Environmentally Conscious

Kitchens & food preparation areas have flat work surfaces referred to as counter tops. Normally, cabinets oil costs per gallon are put in above and under. A counter prime can be made from a number of completely different supplies, equivalent to stone, to wood, to plastic, to tiles, and even steel, amongst many others.

Many materials are now obtainable that are durable, but also nice looking and eco friendly, because of the rising consciousness for the setting. So if you’re searching for a new counter top & are leaning in the direction of gadgets which might be a little gentler on the setting than laminate or stone, there are actually loads of alternate options obtainable which can be made from recycled merchandise, could be recycled at end-of-life — or are both recycled & recyclable — or are made from renewable resources.

Listed below are some of the greener counter top options:
1. Stainless steel – Stainless steel counter tops consist of, on the typical, seventy five% recycled steel and may contain as much as a hundred% recycled content material. They are non-porous and antibacterial, and emit no VOCs. The one draw back is they scratch & show fingerprints simply.

2. Recycled glass – There are many recycled glass counter tops on the market nowadays. Each of them has their very own special charm.

3. BioGlass – This material is of 100% recyclable & recycled glass. It can be utilized for backsplashes or counter tops & is obtainable in six pure colours.

Four. Alkemi – Alkemi counter tops are made from 35% “fine flake aluminum milling scrap” a post-industrial waste merchandise. It is available in three totally different floor therapies (textured, classic and honed) and twelve colors to choose from.

5. Paperstone – It’s a fabric made from both 100% publish-consumer cardboard or a hundred% submit-client office paper blended with a non-petroleum based mostly resin. It comes in a wide range of colours & can oil costs per gallon be utilized for as kitchen & bathroom counter tops.

6. IceStone – That is made in Brooklyn, New York. This product has a floor twice as durable as marble, as a result of it makes use of one hundred% glass which is in any other case sure for landfill, combined with concrete. Just like stone products, it does should be sealed on a regular basis. oil costs per gallon It is available in a number of colours.

Find a huge collection of table top and counter tops making your kitchen a more energizing look. This text, Gorgeous Counter Tops That are Environmentally Aware is released under a creative commons attribution licence.

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