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Marcellus Shale Pure Gasoline Drilling In NY

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Marcellus Shale Pure Fuel Drilling in NY
Updated on April 27, 2016 Charlotte Gerber more Nothing stirs up controversy like drilling for natural gasoline, or oil for that matter. Even before the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, people have been preventing it out verbally at City Hall meetings throughout western and the Southern Tier of recent York. Everybody has an opinion, from the environmentalists apprehensive about chemicals leaching into local water supplies to the land coalitions formed to protect particular person landowner’s interests.

Marcellus Shale Formation Maps and images
Click on thumbnail to view full-dimension Where is the Marcellus Shale
The Marcellus Shale is positioned in an nearly similar location to the map of Appalachia. It extends from Tennessee to New York (see picture). Ironic, considering this is one of the poorest areas within the United States, even today. The possibility of households lastly crawling out of poverty by a windfall named “natural gas” has given hope to hundreds. With an financial downturn that has increased unemployment to new highs, especially in Steuben County, New York, the opportunity of natural gas drilling has many getting ready to line up at local unemployment offices.

Whereas drilling may cause an employment increase in areas the place drilling is going down, it’s a bone of contention for a lot of environmentalists. That is very true in areas where hydrofracting is happening. It is necessary to notice, nonetheless, that not all natural gas drilling employs the hydrofracting course of.

To Fract or not to Fract, that’s the Query
A hot topic on many people’s minds is whether hydrofracting must be allowed within the drilling for pure gas. That is one of the explanations for the delay in issuing permits for pure gas drilling in New York. Fracting isn’t needed usually to drill for natural gasoline. The drilling might be executed vertically. Fracting is barely carried out when the drilling needs to be achieved horizontally, after drilling down vertically (see picture).

Environmentalists are concerned that the chemicals getting used within the fracting process might leak into the above water tables (since drilling for natural gas is beneath the water tables). The fracting course of produces what is named brine or TDS (total dissolved solids)- a salty backwash that could be a result of high strain water and sand being pumped into the gasoline nicely. The salt content material is three times that discovered in the ocean’s salt water. Gasoline firms are usually not releasing the data on the chemicals getting used in this process to most people, though many people already know the contents of this course of. The businesses do not need to release this info to the general public as a result of it’s proprietary information. It is understood that benzene and cadmium are among the many toxins contained within the backwash.

A concern is how the TDS or brine ought to be disposed of. In Pennsylvania it is disposed of in native waste therapy plants, but there is a question as to whether or not these plants are in a position to handle the entire waste water being created by the drilling boom.

Lighting Water on Hearth
Alternative routes of Managing Fracting Waste
There are different options on the horizon for dealing with fracting waste, whether it is being performed in the United States or different international locations around the world. Geomembrane and geosynthetic clay liners could also be a long term solution for storing the brine created by the hydrofracting process. This could also be a approach for waste remedy plants to sustain with the pace of drilling by having a storage area particularly for fracting waste until it may be safely treated.

Marcellus Shale Resources
Subsurface Energy Analysis Middle
The aim of the Subsurface Vitality Resource Center is to contribute to the information of subsurface resource development and its associated environmental points, as well as function a useful resource to coverage makers.

New York DEC
An introduction to natural fuel exploration within the Marcellus Shale formation together with drilling expertise, environmental issues and laws.

Fracking: Gas leaks from defective wells linked to contamination in some groundwater — ScienceDaily
A research has pinpointed the likely supply of most natural gas contamination in drinking-water wells associated with hydraulic fracturing, and it is not the source many people could have feared. September, 2014.

Marcellus Shale Fuel: New Analysis Outcomes Shock Geologists!
The Marcellus Shale could possibly be one of many USA’s most promising pure gas sources within the Appalachian Basin.

U.S. Pure Fuel Summary
NY Natural Fuel Drilling Updates
November 2014: At the moment Gov. Andrew Cuomo has refused to take action to permit hydrofracting in NY stating that he will let science resolve the outcome. A current research by the Ohio State College launched in September, 2014 revealed the reason for groundwater contamination in Ohio and Pennsylvania: “There isn’t any question that in lots of cases elevated levels of natural gas are naturally occurring, however in a subset of instances, there can be clear evidence that there have been human causes for the contamination,” mentioned examine chief Thomas Darrah, assistant professor of earth sciences at Ohio State. “Nevertheless our information means that where contamination occurs, it was brought on by poor casing and cementing oil from plastic in the wells,” Darrah mentioned.

As of August 2010, there’s a proposed moratorium on drilling/hydrofracting in NY, which would last till May of 2011. This moratorium has the potential to be extended an extra 3 years if the EPA does another examine of the hydrofracting course of and its relationship to drinking water. At the time of this writing, New York Governor David Paterson has not signed the moratorium.

The EPA beforehand did an identical study that was revealed in 2004. The brand new proposed study will price taxpayers a projected 1.9 million dollars.

Replace: December 11, 2010
New York Governor David Paterson vetoed payments S.8129-B/A.11443-B
that have been to have imposed a moratorium on all drilling in New York State. However, there may be a temporary moratorium on hydrofracking till July 1, 2011 (on the earliest). This veto will permit gas companies and their workers to continue work on existing wells along with permitting permits to continue to be issued for natural fuel drilling.

Update: March, oil from plastic 2011, drilling will be permitted starting in July of this year. Permits are being issued, and have been since November of 2010. Propane fracking may be the favored methodology within the fracking process as there are various opponents of hydrofracking.

Update: October, 2011, a second open comment period is nearing the end on the newest SGEIS report. At the tip of the remark period, gas lease permits may be issued starting in 2012. Newest report from the NY Submit: Fracking Gets a Clear Invoice of Health

Update: December, 2011, a third open remark period is going to be allowed. The DEC seems incapable of constructing a decision in a timely trend. The comment periods have lasted for 3 years now.

Update: February, 2013, the DOH has discovered no well being points with fracking and has suggested the DEC accordingly. The DEC is finalizing the SGEIS report and permits can be issued 10 days after the finalization of the document.

The JLCNY has sent a letter to Gov. Cuomo stating the next: February 15, 2013 – Binghamton, NY. “Towns merely do not have the expertise, information and resources to correctly evaluate and administer pure fuel growth. Towns passing bans or moratoriums are appearing upon emotional and political pressures from varied groups opposing pure fuel improvement, and not empirical evidence derived by the towns. Most towns have completed little or no unbiased investigation into pure fuel drilling. Many bans are primarily delay tactics to discourage drilling firms from coming to New York State all in direct violation of latest York’s Environmental Conservation Legislation 23-0301 which states that it is in the public curiosity to drill in a way as will forestall waste and supply for the operation and development of oil and gas properties in such a way that may achieve a larger final restoration of oil and gas.

“It is with this in mind that we ask the Court docket to grasp that we as city officials acknowledge our limitations and we ask that points associated to the regulation of pure gasoline improvement, including bans on natural gasoline activity, continue to be beneath the jurisdiction of the state. We also ask the Courtroom to recognize that the Affiliation of Towns doesn’t speak for a significant variety of its members to the extent that it helps both the pro natural fuel improvement or anti pure fuel growth positions. The truth is, the Association’s city members had been by no means asked to vote on whether the Affiliation would submit Amicus Curiae briefs in these instances.”

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Hi Phil,
I used to live in Syracuse and worked in Camillus a few years ago. We do not have a pipeline right here since we’re a rural space, but many individuals use propane (they have large tanks) to heat their properties and companies. It would be good to have entry to our personal pure fuel assets to lower the price of heating our homes in the winter right here (Steuben County). Gasoline oil prices are consuming up everybody’s paycheck, and never everybody can chop their own wood or afford a pellet stove.

Phil 6 years ago
Syracuse, NY, taped into the Maecellus shale properly over 1210 yeares age to light their streets and fuel the houser stoves (of those that could afford it). The well remains to be furnishing gasoline to our buddy. Their farm is simply south of Basldwisville. Marcellus is a suburb on the west facet of Syracuse, about `10 miles south of Baldqwinsville.

Hello Hugh, The disposal is being paid for by the gas companies – it is a part of their contract that they have with the landowner coalitions where they are currently drilling. My spouse was hauling their waste this previous summer – it is not considered hazardous materials. The drillings are being dumped in construction waste areas at local landfills. The water waste is/can be handled at waste water amenities in addition to other new facilities which are distilling the fracking fluid and removing the chemicals during the method, then recycling the water. The left over chemicals are oil from plastic primarily salt, and this is/can be used to salt the roadways throughout the winter.

The fracking resolution system was released by JLCNY a couple of months back – this is the hyperlink to the chemical formula breakdown: http://www.jlcny.org/site/index.php option=com_con…

I agree that there are still questions out there, but we have other containment issues which might be just as essential whereas we’re attempting to “go inexperienced,” but are being largely ignored. This consists of the disposal of lithium batteries for electric automobiles and the disposal of mercury lightbulbs, each of which are additionally going to our landfills, but no one has agreed find out how to “handle” them but.

Another concern is that we want natural fuel if we’re to wean ourselves off of petroleum merchandise. For example, Schwan’s (meals company) runs all of their supply trucks on natural fuel. Maybe those varieties of automobiles can be extra acceptable to consumers than electric cars.

Hopefully the fracking challenge might be resolved to everybody’s (ok, effectively principally everybody, because you cannot please everyone) liking. Within the meantime, vertical drilling will proceed for pure fuel, although it means extra holes in the bottom to do so.

Hugh Williamson 6 years ago from Northeast USA
I agree that the gasoline will be a great factor however I am involved about the hydrofracking which, as I understand, will be needed because of the kind of shale in lots of the drilling areas. The disposal will probably be costly — who pays If the drillers won’t expose what’s within the waste, how can anybody make certain it’s being disposed of properly

I’m positive all of the issues will be dealt with, nevertheless it does not appear like we’re there yet. Lets consider the affect on the generations that may comply with and do that right.

AuthorCharlotte Gerber 6 years ago from upstate New York
Hello Uncle TomsCabin – (I just like the identify – Harriet Beecher Stowe is one in every of my nice aunts!). That apart, I agree with what you say concerning the work ethic, especially in Steuben County. Whereas we do have a scarcity of companies in our area, there are various who simply depend on unemployment benefits as their predominant source of revenue. Nobody wants to work anymore, nor look for work. In addition, NYS tax on gas is ridiculous, and for individuals who should drive 45 mins or more to work don’t need to pay a third of their paycheck for gasoline. People are simply giving up.

NYS needs the fuel drilling, whether it is completed vertically or horizontally, if for no other purpose than employment. We’re a bankrupt state and we’re not attracting businesses due to our excessive taxes. The money to maintain the rising number of poor and unemployed in NY has to return from somewhere, and we must cease looking to the Federal government to bail us out.

UncleTomsCabin 7 years in the past
We’ll benefit enormously from the development of our pure fuel assets. The state of new York has done a very poor job of training and teaching what our country was built on. Freedoms didn’t come easily nor without sacrifice and

the extent of ignorance here in the southern tier only proves how little remains of the American spirit. We are a depressed space as a result of trade was driven out and replaced with excessive taxes and abusive regulations. A clear abundant power source should result in new life for a dying space, but the individuals have to be first reintroduced to the time period of fine work ethic.

Granny’s Home 7 years in the past from Older and Hopefully Wiser Time
I dwell in Steuben county and I am glad they don’t seem to be drilling right here. Glad I found you. Great topics. I will observe and fee up