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How you can Treat Head Lice Throughout Pregnancy

Lice, or pediculus humanus capitis, are wingless, parasitic insects that annually have an effect on approximately 6 to 12 million U.S. youngsters ages three to eleven. Lice transmission happens from direct contact with inanimate objects, such as a comb, brush, hat or scarf. Treating head lice during pregnancy could be a nuisance since most of the over-the-counter therapies contain toxic chemicals, however non-toxic house treatments can be found, although they are not a substitute for medical remedy. Seek the advice of with your well being-care supplier if the situation persists or to debate alternative treatments.

Step 1
Apply the oil, mayonnaise or jelly product to your hair. Begin close to the scalp and work the product in to make sure that all of the hair strands are saturated. Oil helps to suffocate the lice and prevent the parasite from laying extra eggs.

Step 2
Wrap your head with a shower cap or plastic wrap. In case you are utilizing a shower cap, ensure that it matches snugly to prevent airflow.

Step 3
Apply a liberal amount of heat to your wrapped head with the hair dryer. Heat may assist to kill the lice. Let the oil product remain on your hair for approximately 30 more minutes. You can also skip the heat therapy and leave the oil product on your scalp for a minimum of two hours, and even overnight.

Step four
Cleanse your hair with shampoo. Apply shampoo and massage your scalp and hair strands to help loosen the oil product. Rinse with water, then frivolously dry your hair with a towel.

Step 5
Combine equal parts of white vinegar and water in a container to make a rinse. Apply the mixture to your hair, making certain you cowl all hair strands. Dr. Karen E. oil in namibia Burke, a dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon in New York City, notes that vinegar helps to remove and wash the lifeless nits off hair strands, and it mght give your hair a thick and shiny look.

Step 6
Comb your hair in sections utilizing a lice comb or effective-tooth comb. Divide the hair in sections and wipe the comb utilizing disposable paper towels after each cross by means of your hair. Wiping the comb between passes permits you to gauge the severity of the issue and forestall reinfestation.

Issues You’ll Need
Olive oil, mayonnaise or petroleum jelly


Lice comb or nice-tooth comb
Shower cap or plastic wrap

White vinegar
Hair dryer

Disposable paper towels
You might need to clean your hair a number of instances to take away the mayonnaise, olive oil or petroleum jelly.

Disinfect any combs or brushes used in the course of the treatment course of by soaking in a bleach resolution, utilizing equal elements bleach and water. Wash any towels used immediately afterward, utilizing sizzling water to kill any stay lice.
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