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Learn how to Do away with Dark, Rough Elbows

Constant elbow movement makes the pores and skin on this area thicker; as such, elbows are more inclined to rough, darkish and dry patches. Dead pores and skin builds up easily over the elbows, which may lead to the darker pigments, and dry skin oil prices forecast could make the world scaly and patchy. If you wish to bare your arms with confidence — but concern exhibiting off these tough elbows — therapy and prevention are key.

Step 1
Apply a dime-sized quantity of exfoliating scrub to the elbows twice every week in the shower before utilizing body wash. Rub firmly in circular motions to eliminate useless skin. Rinse with water and follow up with a hydrating body wash.

Step 2
Dab pores and skin dry with a towel. Apply three to four drops of vitamin E oil to each elbow after each shower and rub it in totally for oil prices forecast two minutes. Vitamin E oil may also be applied to different dry areas resembling knees and palms.

Step 3
Apply a hydrating, fragrance-free cream containing shea or cocoa butter to your elbows in the morning and before bed. Creams with chemical moisturizers and heavy fragrances can irritate the pores and skin.

Step 4
Apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly on your elbows previous to bed twice every week in lieu of cream. Minimize the toes off of two white cotton tube socks, and pull them over your arms; this covers the elbows to forestall getting the jelly on your bedding. Rinse any residual jelly away within the morning with a moisturizing body wash and observe with cream.

Issues You will Need
Exfoliating physique scrub

Moisturizing cream cleanser
Vitamin E oil

Hydrating physique cream
Petroleum jelly

2 white cotton tube socks
Make your individual exfoliating scrub at residence. Combine collectively one part brown sugar with one half almond or olive oil and rub over the pores and skin. Different widespread homemade exfoliants are sea salt, oatmeal and white sugar blended with olive or almond oil. Steer clear of extraordinarily scorching showers and baths, which might further dry and injury skin. Persist with warm water and shower or bathe for a most of 15 minutes at a time.

If you continue to discover oil prices forecast dry, patchy elbows after a couple weeks of treatment, see your dermatologist. Prescription treatments could also be required or there could also be an underlying well being challenge.
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