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Oil (Petroleum) Refining And Applied sciences

To offer individuals with a complete and up-to-date overview of the processes and modern applied sciences applied in modern refineries. Participant will achieve enough information on oil refining, Oil products specs, operation and troubleshooting as shown in course outline below.

Key persons, supervisors, superintendents and Managers in petroleum trade specifically refineries, oil fields gathering centers and petrochemical complexes.

Course outlines:
1-How oil refining works – an introduction

Introduction to How Oil Refining Works
Crude Oil
From Crude Oil
The Refining Course of
Fractional Distillation
Chemical Processing
Treating and Blending the Fractions
Heaps Extra Information

2- A typical oil refinery
3- Schematic circulate diagram of a typical oil refinery

four- Schematic flow diagram of a typical natural gasoline processing plant
5- Major products of oil refinery plant maintenance manual oil refineries

7- Frequent process models present in a refinery
– Atmospheric Distillation items.
Vacuum Distillation models.
Naphtha Hydrotreater unit
Catalytic Reformer unit.
Distillate Hydrotreater unit
Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC) unit
Hydrocracker unit.
Visbreaking unit.
Merox unit.
Coking items (delayed coking, fluid coker, and flexicoker).
Alkylation unit.
Isomerization unit.
Steam reforming unit.
Liquefied gasoline storage models.
Storage tanks for crude oil and completed merchandise.
Amine gas treater, Claus unit, and tail fuel remedy.
Utility items corresponding to cooling towers, boiler plants for steam technology, instrument air techniques andelectrical substation.
Wastewater assortment and treating techniques.
Loading and loading racks.
Blowdown and flare system.
Blending techniques
Solvent refining units
Solvent dewaxing models
Flow diagram of typical refinery
Setting / locating of petroleum refineries
Safety and environmental considerations
Work Permit System
Corrosion issues and prevention
Loading and loading racks
Blowdown and flare techniques
Mixing programs
Product specs
Security oil refinery plant maintenance manual regulations
Pattern from a security rules handbook of a refinery

8- Methodology:
Lectures and PowerPoint Presentations.
oil refinery plant maintenance manual Movies (if accessible).
Case research.