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Save Our Group Of Africa

People have doubtless been altering their local environments since arriving within the scene as a distinct species a number of hundred thousand years ago. Our debut as main actors on the global stage – actors comparable in influence to the basic roles played by erosion, volcanism, pure choice, and the like- is a much more recent phenomenon. This dates back at most several thousand years, but has accelerated tremendously in scope and affect over the last a number of centuries. According to Crutzen (2002) ” We oil weekly inventory reside right now in what may be known as the “Anthropocene” – a new geologic epoch in which human type has emerged as a globally important – and doubtlessly intelligent – force capable of reshaping the face of the planet”. The Italian geologist Anthonio Stoppani (1873) was describing humanity’s activities as a “new telluric power, which in energy and universality may be in comparison with the larger forces of the Earth”. Several worldwide conferences have been held to sort out environmental problems. Examples are, UN conference on Atmosphere and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, 1992, World summit on Sustainable Growth, held in Johannesburg in 2002, and so forth. The necessity for harnessing science and expertise in support of efforts to achieve the aim of environmentally sustainable human improvement in the Anthropocene was usually acknowledged at the Johannesburg Summit. Environmental hazards are contemporary issue in Africa but earlier than I delve into the causes of the problems and some options, I might give some definitions and oil weekly inventory features of surroundings. I shall also use Nigeria (an African Country) as a case examine because of the constraints of the work.

DEFINITIONS AND Features OF Surroundings

The unlucky older, mistaken and simplistic definition of setting is that it’s the useful resource that was created for human use. It’s that mechanical aspect that exists to serve human beings. This definition is unfortunate and fallacious for it explained environment as something inanimate; something in at that exists solely for human recreation pleasures and desires. The background to this definition contains the anthropological, religious, psychological, economic and philosophical explanations of the origin and nature of the environment. Atmosphere can also be outlined because the pure in which people, animals and plants dwell. Uchebu (1998) categorized the surroundings into physical and non-physical. The physical surroundings consists of land (Terrestrial) Air, Water (Acquatic) environments and non-bodily – cultural and socio- economic setting. The atmosphere subsequently capabilities in accordance with Kankwenda (2001) as:

(1) A supply of raw materials and vitality (non – renewable resources);
(2) A supplier of services such as upkeep of climatic system/stability and ecological cycle (renewable resources) including forest, agriculture land, water and many others;
(3) And a sink for waste.

Environmental issues are in regards to the central issue of the twentieth and twenty-first (20th -twenty first ) centuries. This is because the hazards, which are contained in it, are as deep and grave as they are lengthy lasting in its impact to MAN and the eco-system itself. In accordance with the “Awake” journal, mankind is presently sitting on a time-bomb on account of environmental results both in type of weaponry and/or pollutions and hazards corresponding to flooding, drought, soil erosion, deforestation, volcanity, earthquakes, radio-chemical hazards and so forth.

Nigeria as a nation encompasses multiple climate which requires and sraddles various physiographic models. There are various ecological zones ranging from Sahel Savanna, Sudan Savanna and Guinea Savanna by means of Rain forest to Mangroves and Swamp forests. The assorted ecological zones reply in a different way to the influence of human activities by advantage of their natural stress response capabilities and inherent carry capabilities. The Sahelian Savanna is extremely susceptible to desertification; the Sudan Savanna can barely cope with human pressures emanating from rapidly rising populations, fuel woods, harvesting and cattle grazing. The Guinea zone is ordinarily subjected to pressures as a natural buffer between the encroaching desert and the forest belt. The Rain forest belt is under extreme pressure by way of poor regulation and over-exploitation of forest products and other economic actions that lead to clearing of vast space of land. Compounding this, particularly in the Niger Delta area, is the big scale exploration, exploitation and processing actions by the petroleum trade, which have left their influence by way of crude oil and petroleum product spillages, gasoline flaring – associated issues, land degradation and depletion of farm lands, water pollution and deterioration of vital habitats for fish stock. Incidence of soil and gully erosion, especially within the japanese a part of Nigeria, flooding in the low lying belt of mangrove and recent water swamps, and uncontrolled logging with its inherent problems of destruction and lack of bio-diversity have immensely contributed in the direction of additional exacerbation of the deteriorating environmental scenario.

The above are the various causes and results of environmental hazards in Nigeria. But there are major noticeable adjustments within the environment as a result of human pressure on it. These embody viz

(1) Lack of biodiversity leading to diminished variety of genetic strains, species and ecosystems, depletion and extinction of species etc.
(2) Growing price of soil degradation and desertification in addition to air and water pollution.
(3) Improve in inexperienced homes gases that are expected to result in an increase within the imply international temperature of 200 to 500C.(World Warming)
(four) Massive launch of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) into the stratosphere resulting in rising ultraviolet radiation from the sun as a result of depletion of ozone layer

The prognosis for continued and sustainable enhancements in human well being on a remodeled environment is, at finest, guarded. The 2 broad causes of environmental hazards are the industrially precipitated environmental pollution and the wasteful personal consumption by entire population living underneath modern city situations. Whereas the previous evil is completed by a really limited variety of humanity, the latter is perpetrated by the entire humanity whose greed has been fired by advertising following the industrial age to need to have increasingly things and wastes the assets of nature. Consequently, whereas political laws, legal guidelines, civil movements/strain groups can pressure industries to safeguard the setting. Such coercive and institutional measures can not work for the pollution by the whole citizenry. Moderately a change of attitude and motion towards environmental sustainability would be based mostly on the voluntary motion of individuals. As a result of whatever impacts and pollutes the surroundings can also be of effect to us. I therefore canvass for an method or relation between man and surroundings called “Ecocentrism”. The spirit behind this approach is to posit that surroundings is actually animate within the sense of being alive. It is therefore fallacious to interpret atmosphere as inert or inanimate.

Thus, the practical method forward for man to test environmental pollution and hazards according to Chigbo Joseph are viz

Restrict consumption of assets to a minimum and devise ways to use waste merchandise in manufacturing.
Making most use of the physical power of the human physique so as to maintain larger human health.
Warning on use of the artificials additives to foods and different chemical products and bear in mind that hurt virtually invariably accompanies no matter good these substances do.
Scientists and technologists to be ethically/humbly centered in their research and production
Leaders to be imbued with the consciousness of saving man and the planet earth of their decisions.

In addition to the above, there must be establishment of regulatory companies with varying powers to monitor and successfully management the sources of pollutants. Example is FEPA – Federal Environmental Protection Company/Federal Ministry of Atmosphere.

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