P & G Merchandise Price Hike Oil Prices Further Up to sixteen%

The price of oil that directly drives the cost of the product. From the beginning of August last year, detergents and soaps in Anhui, Guangzhou rose by more than 10%. On January 1 of this year, Guerlain, Lancome, L’Oréal Paris, etc., have lost more than 10% of their value.


Hydrogenation reactorInternational crude oil costs have a “domino” effect on the difficult prices faced by companies. Yesterday, the US Procter & Gamble Company in April this year, the traditional Japanese companies can also outdated white-collar stocks, the actual real estate transformation; Beijing Tai Po native, no clear future… In the past two years, the country has a number of glorious enterprises to the desolate In the days when more brands disappeared from memory.


Two months ago, Li Ka-shing’s Hutchison Whampoa invested 800 million yuan, and put yellow into white companies, such as P “> Creator Box sisi online a total of 19324 articles and 24 fans


I am a Chinese toy supplier writer, commenting on some details about virtual surveillance digital cameras and bullet security cameras.


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