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Directional properly service is devoted to numerous forms of wells, including sidetrack nicely, sidetrack slimhole well,horizontal well,extended reach horizontal well,short radius horizontal effectively, and so forth.We’ve arrange bases in Southwest, Luntai Xinjiang,Dongying Shandong,Beijing. The directional effectively technical service team is comprised of nicely-educated skilled engineers. There are 35 engineering technicians,amongst which ,15 senior engineers,12 engineers ,eight assistants. In practically palm oil refinery company malaysia gdp 5 years,we have now constructed greater than 300 numerous forms of wells, together with 180 wells in Xinjiang palm oil refinery company malaysia gdp area,70 wells in Southwest China,50 wells in Northeast. The a lot of the wells reached completion depth of over 6000m,backside temperature above 160 ℃.Up until now ,imported instruments might be operated for 12 wells at the same time. Beijing Petroleum Equipment Co. and Tianjin Lilin Petroleum Machinery Co. Ltd. provide excessive-efficiency screws,and APS instruments( HT/HP), which completely reduce the service time ,save the working cost for the purchasers. Up to now, our directional technical service has gained good popularity in the directional well technical service industry. The devices we are serving are as follows: APS-MWD(HT/HP) :Four sets(175℃,151MPA) APS-LMWD(HT/HP):1 set(175 ℃,200MPA) PL-MWD(HT/HP): 5 sets(180℃,160MPA) APS-LWD(HT/HP): 2 units (175℃,151MPA) Screws are as follows: BPM:Various varieties 120mm,127mm,172mm,185mm,197mm ,and many others.