Paraffin Bath For Arthritis

acetylene gas tankArthritis, especially osteoarthritis, entails inflammation of the joints. It is quite common in the fingers and hands. Arthritis could cause the joints to wear down and even turn into deformed. It can be very painful and keep you from each day chores. The American Society of Surgical procedure of the Palms suggests paraffin baths as a mode of therapy that is useful in easing the pain of arthritis.

Paraffin baths and wax are available in most drug and malls. You may as well purchase them in medical provide shops on and offline. A crockpot—that you are not using for food because the wax could also be tough to get off once it’s melted—can also be used to heat up the wax. If you do use a crockpot as a substitute of paraffin bath gear, purchase a meat or candy thermometer so you’ll be able to monitor the temperature.

Place the wax in the bath or crockpot. If you are not using a bath with automated temperature, heat the wax to 125 degrees, in response to Arthritis Insight. Adding some mineral oil to the wax once it has melted will make it a bit thinner and allow it to final a little bit longer. Hold your hand straight above the bath, dip it in and elevate it. Repeat this procedure 5 to 10 times, depending on the thickness you are snug with. Depart the wax on for roughly 20 minutes, and then peel it off.

Useful Hints
If you happen to add mineral oil to the wax to make it thinner, you might want to dip more instances. Once you are achieved dipping, putting your hand in a plastic bag after which wrapping it with a cotton towel or oven mitt will retain the heat longer. Experiment with how long to keep on the wax primarily based on the way it feels.

The paraffin bath equipment that’s readily accessible in native shops is normally just massive enough to put your hand in. If you need to use paraffin therapy to your wrist, ft or ankles, larger fashions can be found. Remember that it takes hours for wax to melt. The larger the bath, the longer it can take for the wax to liquefy. Test the packaging for a more exact time-frame so the bath is prepared if you find yourself.

Ensure that the temperature is true before dipping any physique components into paraffin wax as a result of it could cause burns. Don’t use this therapy if in case you have any open wounds. Watch that the wax doesn’t splatter out of the bath. The sides of the unit can grow to be sizzling, and overheated wax can begin hearth, so don’t go away it unattended.

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