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Crude Oils Have Totally different High quality Traits

Republished: June 26, 2013: Map was corrected.
Many types of crude oil are produced world wide. The market value of a person crude stream displays its high quality characteristics. Two of the most important quality characteristics are density and sulfur content material. Density ranges from mild to heavy, whereas sulfur content material is characterized as sweet or sour. The crude oils represented in the chart are a selection of a number of the crude oils marketed in various parts of the world. There are some crude oils each below and above the API gravity range proven within the chart.

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Crude oils which might be gentle (greater degrees of API gravity, or lower density) and sweet (low sulfur content) are usually priced larger than heavy, bitter crude oils. This is partly because gasoline and diesel gasoline, which usually promote at a big premium to residual fuel oil and other “backside of the barrel” products, can usually be more easily and cheaply produced using gentle, sweet crude oil. The light sweet grades are fascinating as a result petrochemical projects in the philippines of they can be processed with far much less refined and power-intensive processes/refineries. The figure reveals choose crude varieties from all over the world with their corresponding sulfur content and density traits.